Not-So-Known Places to Install Wall Mirrors In Bedrooms

Styling with mirrors has gained importance, especially in the case of a bedroom. A wall mirror for bedroom creates an unparalleled illusion, brightens the room, and accentuates the decor. Even the darkest areas gleam from a mirror. And besides its functionality, they make a room look exquisite. Unlike in the past, there is a wide variety of mirrors that look different from the basic old-styled ones. From arched to full-length mirrors, there is a wide scope to design. If you have clicked the link to look for an extensive guide on installing a wall mirror for bedroom, you have found the right place. Keep reading for some stunning not-so-known places to install mirrors below:

Feature Walls 

Need some focal point in your bedroom, create an accent wall. And, find out the best designer wall mirror for yourself. Well, the idea might seem bizarre to a lot even today as mirrors are yet to be everyone’s favourite. But, you can create an ultimate highlighting point by placing a mirror in the bedroom. Wait, the search doesn’t stop here. With this idea, here comes the question about the best designs. And for this:

  • Mirrors must be middle-sized (not full-length), as bulky mirrors look best when placed on floors. 
  • Choose designer mirrors such as sunflower shaped with pearls studded all over. 
  • Try contrasting some bold-coloured frames over the traditional ones. Colours such as blue, green or orange can help you execute a bohemian theme.  

Mirror-Fitted Cabinet Doors

A good interior setup is not all about expensive and branded stuff. I have seen some of the most stunning interior decors laden with sustainability. Not only do they are economical in terms of money but also for the environment. Even if you have compact space, you lack interest in an accent wall, have a full-length mirror cabinet. Their reflection lets the sunshine set in freely and helps you to groom. (Clicking Full-Sized Mirror Selfies). Most of the mirrors in these cabinets are made-to-size. You can get one wall mirror for bedroom in this form from your glazier. And believe me, this is a blessing in disguise for everyone with compact homes. Also, do not include a frame at the edges (just for the sake of security), as it looks so old-fashioned. A bright transparent full-size mirror without a frame is the ideal choice. 

Full-Sized Floor Mirrors

Do you love art galleries having mirrors leaned on? Congratulations, since the same setup is possible in your bedroom. Elect an oversized transparent wooden finished mirror and select the location to set up. It looks perfect on either side of your bedroom. Apart from allowing unobstructed light and reflection, they change the overall look of a bedroom. You must install the wall mirror for bedroom at a specific angle. Keep a beautiful large planter or a sculpture opposite to it for concealing charm. The best options in full-length mirrors include:

  • Traditional Arch-Shaped Mirrors
  • Cheval Standing Wall Mirror For Bedroom
  •  Overnight Ornate Mirror
  • Multi-Hued Glass Mirror

Hidden Mirrors

Even though we live in the 21st century, some beliefs are yet to abandon by people. And one of them is about having a wall mirror for bedroom. As per Vastu and feng-shui, mirrors should not be there in the bedroom as it brings negativity and obstructions in life. However, if you still want to install one, there’s a way out. You can keep the full-length mirrors hidden behind the curtains. (You might have seen your mom hiding a mirror in her bedroom If you are a North Indian). This way, you not only get a chance of having its benefits but also save yourself from the created customs. An oversized mirror is capable enough of concealing behind curtains while providing you with a unique charm.   

Slim Mirrors for Narrower Walls

We all have that sleek wall in our bedroom that we feel is good for nothing. However, the real joys lie in accentuating the most neglected things. And for these walls, there is no dearth of thin long-sized wall mirrors in the market. In Fact, such mirrors have more intricacy and exclusivity. Their slim shape allures the viewers and leaves them in amaze. Also, this sole element transforms the otherwise bare walls, turning them into a focal point. You can get a narrow full-size mirror from Wallmantra, where you will get exclusive designs in the premium collection. And try including the mirror frame in contrast with the colour of your room to create symmetry. For instance, choose a full-sized mirror in a golden frame if your room has most objects like table lamps, sculptures, planters and showpieces that are immersed in golden hues. Even a hint of colour in it becomes a game-changer. 

Wrapping It Off 

The beauty lies in small installations, and a wall mirror for bedroom does wonders. Affordable, game changer, fallacy creator, reflection revealer, there are more benefits than we can name. Your wise election can help change the look instantly. And for that, you can tune into WallMantra’s latest collection that contains exclusive pieces made originally in India. These are more of artists’ masterpieces rather than an object.    

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