Useful Electric Bike Charging Tips for Longer and Healthier Battery Life

Do you want to ride your electric bike long distances without worrying about the dropping charge? Whether you are challenging the automobile traffic on your morning commute or planning to take a leisurely afternoon cruise in the society park, you need all of your e-bike systems to work well. The battery is an important component of your electric bicycle. This blog will help you with some useful electric bike charging tips to help your e-bike battery life last longer.

Electric Bike Charging Tips for Longer Battery Life

  1. Charge a new e-bike battery for extended hours

If you got a new e-bike and are charging it for the first time, you should make sure you charge it for at least 12 hours. This long charging time for the first use ensures that every cell of the battery has received the charge and helps to condition the battery right out of the box.

Want to know the reason behind this? When batteries are used for the first time, they come out of “sleep mode” or “hibernation”. So, they require a significant amount of charging time to tell them it’s time to work. Later, the battery cells know how to charge when needed so that they will do fine on their own. Charging your e-bike fully for the first time will also help you evaluate how long the battery will serve you while riding.

  1. Charge your e-bike battery regularly

The lithium batteries that e-bikes work with last longer when used and charged regularly. You should also not let your e-bike battery discharge completely. Rather, start charging it when it drops to 30-60% of the total capacity. To charge the battery of your e-bike regularly, you need to discharge it regularly. Another reason for you to get out and ride.

  1. Avoid the extremes of temperatures

The battery of an electric cycle feels the same way about high temperatures as most bikers do. Moderate temperatures are much better for them. To prolong the battery life of your electric bike, you should avoid temperature extremes while charging and using your battery.

When charging, the battery should be at a temperature warmer than freezing temperatures and not hotter than 110 F at the extremes. But why even go to extremes? It’s even better for your battery if the temperature is between 60-70 F during the charging mode.

  1. Don’t overcharge your electric bike battery

Don’t leave your e-bike battery on the charger for extended periods. Doing so can make the battery discharge at perhaps 95% of capacity. The charger then again starts working and tops off the battery. This cycle of discharging and topping off goes on, giving rise to a chain of unhealthy charging cycles. It’s better to keep a reminder on your phone to remind yourself to take the battery off the charger.

  1. Don’t store an empty battery

There may be instances when you may need to store the battery of your e-cycle. Perhaps you are planning on going on a long vacation, or it’s too cold outside to ride. Whatever the reason, don’t store the battery when it’s completely drained. Rather, charge it to about 40-70% of its full capacity and then store it.

  1. Always charge the battery on a clean, flat surface

You should always charge your e-bike battery on a clean, level surface and ensure it’s not lying under direct sunlight or next to something that may cause it to overheat.

  1. Keep the battery away from water

Never charge your smart e-cycle battery near water. The fluid buildup, even if it is in trace amounts, will eventually cause corrosion or potentially a short circuit. If you have limited space around your socket to charge, you can use an extension cord to plug in the charger and then place it in a clean, dry area away from water. We hope you find these high-speed electric cycle battery charging tips helpful. Follow these tips to ensure your e-bike battery stays on top of its health and provides extended durability. After all, buying a new battery is not so kind on the pockets!

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