What is VR gaming? An Overview of the Different VR Games To Play

You’ve most likely heard about virtual reality at some point. Technology has advanced to new heights and is continually evolving daily. Virtual Reality is a simulated experience that uses position tracking and 3D near-eye displays to give viewers an immersive impression of a fictitious virtual environment. There are several uses of VR technology in today’s world, such as education, entertainment, business, healthcare, tourism and almost all other industries. However, one of the most impacted sectors by VR is the gaming industry.

What began as an idea employed primarily in sci-fi movies and novels has now been significantly adapted practically everywhere and at a lower cost. Video game firms introduced consumer virtual reality headsets in the early to mid-1990s. With a VR headset and other accessories, gamers can now immerse themselves in the gaming world and interact with objects and other players in a more ‘real’ way.

Furthermore, with the rate at which the VR gaming industry is growing with new technologies, a plethora of VR gaming options and inexpensive costs, the technology has a bright future.

Types of VR gaming

You can play several virtual reality games on different platforms, such as android phones, consoles and PCs. Additionally, with greater advancement and growth in the industry, gaming options had even become more affordable than they cost when it was first invented. Following are the types of virtual reality games you can find online.

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality

A fully immersive virtual technology guarantees a realistic experience within the virtual world, providing a fully immersive playing area. This form of VR gaming includes everything from high-resolution pictures to high-quality sound. It is done to make you feel as though you are physically there in the virtual world or the gaming arena, and the events there are happening to you.

Non-immersive Virtual Reality

Unlike a fully immersive VR, a non-immersive VR is based solely on a computer-based virtual experience in which you can control some of the characters/ players or activities within the software. Still, the environment does not directly interact with you. Overall, it still feels like things are happening virtually and not in Reality.

Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality

If you try to combine the features of immersive and non-immersive VR gaming. You will get a semi-immersive type of Virtual Reality gaming. It happens in a 3D world or virtual environment in which you can walk and act on your own using either a computer screen and VR box headset.
Overall, with this sort of Virtual Reality, all actions within the virtual world are focused on you. While you cannot move physically apart from your visual experience

Collaborative VR

There is a virtual world in collaborative VR in which individuals from diverse places may interact inside a virtual environment, generally in the form of projected characters or 3D images. However, players or characters in the gaming arena are allowed to communicate through headsets and chats. The intention behind such a type of VR gaming is to connect multiple people through a virtual world.

Augmented Reality

In augmented reality, instead of transporting the player to the virtual world. A virtual entity is transported to the actual world via a device. It provides the illusion that something is there in the gaming arena even though it is not there.


In some or the other way, VR technology has drastically changed our lives. While it has affected the way we interact with people and our surroundings. It has also given us a great way of entertainment. With Virtual Reality gaming in the picture, you can now be in a virtual world which seems real. So, why wait? Choose your favourite type of virtual reality gaming, and experience immense fun!

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