How To Efficiently Utilise Textures and Patterns To Build a Modern Bed?

Are you tired of the same white /pink/ yellow walls staring back at you from all directions in your bedroom? We have an amazing solution to that problem. Textures and patterns!

As risky as they might sound to a newbie, they have the power to transform your bedroom into a priceless sanctuary.

No more the same walls everywhere, you can highlight and accentuate walls, give them a colour, give your room a theme and so much more. Even if you decide to go with a patterned slab of wood on one wall of the room, it could change the whole space.

What is texture?

Texture simply refers to the feel and the quality of the surface. It can be rough, smooth, uneven, even etc. A rough surface is more textured than a smooth surface. Moreover, light plays an important role in texture by adding shadows and light to the surface.

What is a pattern?

A pattern is simply a repetition of a theme. For example, a wallpaper repeats the same theme again and again. If you are opting for rough patterns, choose laminates for the kitchen or other spaces.

While the texture is the feel of the surface, the pattern is linked to its visual aspect.

Tips to use texture and patterns in your bedroom

Now that you know what a texture and a pattern are, let us move to tips to utilise textures and patterns effectively in your bedroom. They are as follows:

  • Maintain a moderate visual weight with the designs
  • Design according to the light
  • Do not go for extreme contrasts on huge designs.
  • Follow the theme of your room
  • Use texture and patterns to make focus points in the room
  • Keep all the elements in their space
  • Do not overdo
  • Use patterns and textures that match your tastes

Patterns designs for your bedroom

In this section, we will discuss the different types of patterns you can use to design your bedroom. You can even come up with endless patterns in your head and choose one from there. But the following are some popular and versatile designs that will suit almost everywhere:


If you love geometrical design, this is the option for you. You can make patterns with circles, triangles, squares, rectangles or all combined.


This is a simple yet classic design where you can use a wall [or a part of it] for stripes of an accented colour, wood, wallpaper and a lot more. If you use wood and want a smoother surface, contact a laminate manufacturer.


If you love minimalism, abstract designs are the best patterns for you.

3D pattern

This is a pattern that will look like a piece of art in your bedroom. Match the pattern with the theme of your room and see the results yourself.

Texture designs for your bedroom

Now, let us discuss the top texture designs that would fit perfectly in your bedroom. They are as follows:

Vintage paisley

This texture includes a splash of colour on one of your walls to uplift the ambience.


Having stonewall textures gives your bedroom a cool setting while looking incredibly picturesque.


If you want to play safe, you can opt for basic pastel walls in your bedroom.


If you are feeling considerably risky and need a significant change in your room, what better than adding quirky patterns?


You can also go for metallic textures and accent metallic colours throughout your room.

Dark hues

If you do not want your bedroom to represent a garden of colours you can choose dark hue textures as per your preference.


Now, you know how to use patterns and textures efficiently in your bedroom to make it look pleasing to the eye. Say your goodbyes to those boring walls and give your room a new life with some of the most exquisite designs.

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