Select the Best Column Pipes with Maximum Benefits!

Column pipings are used especially in structures or construction sites with pumping systems. Along with these, multiple other uses for these pipes have drastically increased demand in recent years. But before buying these, there are certain traits that you must look for. These traits would ensure you get the best pipes you can find for your purpose.  

What are Column Pipes? 

Column pipings are hollow tubes with submersible pumps to transfer underground water to the surface. These types of pipes are applied in jet pumping systems and submersible pumps for commercial and domestic operations. The column pipings have a sturdy and compact design, making them perfect for handling thermal variations and shocks. 

These pipes are made with strong materials that do not react, rot, or have any wear and tear, which makes them last for years. They can also withstand a lot of force and pressure, even when the water level may fluctuate. The durability makes it a perfect solution for industrial  and residential pipeline systems. 

Traits to Look For when getting the Best Column Pipes 

  • Durability

Durability is one of the most significant traits to look for in your column pipes. The pipes you want to get must endure high loads, extreme pressures, and thermal shocks. The design of piping needs to be sturdy, compact, and ergonomic. The build would also have to be from good base material to withstand any condition. These conditions may include both the non-operational and operational state of pumping systems. And no matter how much wear and tear the pipes go through with time, they should be able to last for years. 

  • Design

The column pipings need to be smooth to have a frictionless water flow. The liquid should be able to pass effortlessly. The frictionless flow allows the pumping system to use less energy and force to extract the liquid. Also, the pipe’s inner walls should be able to hinder residue accumulation or organic growth. 

  • Chemical resistance

The column pipings need to be non-corrosive and rot-resistant. Also, they should not be reactive towards any alkaline or acidic water or any water charged with chemicals. They must also withstand any friction caused by abrasive or sandy fluids and stay strong in extreme conditions.  

  • Easy installation

There are various sizes and diameters available for underground drainage pipes, which makes it necessary to choose the pipes that fit together. You will not risk material wastage or leaks if you have precise installations. In turn, it will make the entire system more profitable and productive. 

  • Easy transportation

The application of column pipings is made in commercial and domestic buildings. As a result, they need to be light to transport and handle. These pipes would then become easy to carry, cutting the labour cost. 

Advantages of Best Column Pipes 

  • Leakproof

Some of the best column pipings would have rubber rings toward the end of the square threads. It is to ensure that the pipes cause no leaks. 

  • Smooth inner surface

Column pipings come with smooth inner surfaces, ensuring the water flows without clogging or interruptions. It is important to ensure that the operations continue without any hindrance. 

  • Square threads

There is a lot of pressure on the pipes due to their connection to the submersible pump. Some of the best pipes are given square threads to ensure no slip. These threads provide a strong grip to keep the pipes together. 

  • Long-lasting

Any good column piping has to have a long life. It is natural for it to undergo wear and tear over the years, but it should not be damaged beyond recognition. To ensure the longevity of the pipings, they are made with the best materials. 


Column pipes are extremely useful; without them, the system cannot transfer water to the surface. Its usefulness makes it important to only purchase the best pipings to ensure the success of your work. But at the same time, their longevity would also ensure their future usefulness.

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