Cycling: The Healthy, Eco-Friendly Play For Your Kids

Every parent loves to see their children be playful and healthy. What better way than a good cycle for energising your kids and maintaining their physical and mental health.

Choosing the best cycle for a child is not an easy task. There are many things to consider, such as their comfort, safety, use of the bike, price and much more.

Types of Cycles for Kids

Mountain Bikes

Kids mountain bikes are becoming quite popular due to their adaptability. These can be used to move around on flat surfaces and are tough with wider, knobby-tread tires for rough trail riding. They have a rear suspension fork and knobby-tired tires for stability and cushioning. The suspension helps to reduce hand and arm strain.

They are capable of withstanding large bumps, pebbles, dirt roads, roots, and grooves thanks to their excellent braking and shock-absorbent features. Mountain bikes usually feature fewer gears than most other road bikes because they are specially designed to withstand steep terrain.

Road Bikes

Children in school or who are active in outdoor activities, a road bike is a wonderful option for them because it has frames and other elements that are made specifically for daily usage. The children who are most comfortable riding two-wheels should use these bikes.

Depending on the rider’s choice, road bikes may have flat handlebars for an upright position or drop-bar handlebars to provide a forward-leaning, aerodynamic position better suited for quicker riding. The lightweight frame of this type of bicycle makes it perfect for various outdoor activities, such as race, exercising, longer rides, and regular commuting.

Cruiser Bikes

Kid cruiser bikes are designed for casual riding in the neighbourhood. They are enjoyable, comfortable, and sometimes even showy. They include comfortable seating that enables pleasant riding positions and integrally geared back bearings that simplify and facilitate maintenance.

This bicycle is appropriate for preadolescent riders and can also be used by adults. Children are attracted by their elegance all the time. Additionally, they can personalise the bikes by incorporating additional add-ons.

Basic cruiser bikes are designed for simple riding through the neighbourhood, in the parks, or on the boardwalk. Most children’s models include coaster brakes and only one speed to keep things easy.

BMX Bikes

A BMX bike is a great option for children who love thrill and the “cool” element. These bikes have their roots in motocross, where banked turns, stunts, and jumps call for a special frame. They are available as single-speed motorcycles with 20-inch wheels. In comparison to the typical bike, its features also ensure that it requires significantly less maintenance. It helps in navigation, particularly on difficult terrain.

Kids love BMX bikes as they can perform stunts and tricks on them in skate parks.

Things to Consider While Buying a Kid’s Bike

Buying a cycle for your children can be challenging, as kids have different requirements than adults. Certain things to keep in mind are as follows:


Kids will find it simpler, safer, and more enjoyable to ride a bike that is of the right size. Unlike frame sizes for adult bikes, children bicycles normally have wheel sizes indicated to meet the various height ranges of children.

When your child is starting to ride their bike, you must ensure the bike is in the appropriate size for their age and height. This will make cycling more efficient and enjoyable for the aspiring rider.

Safety Features

Children bicycles, particularly those for the younger ones, should generally feature a chain guard to prevent objects like stray shoelaces, fingers, feet, or ends of clothes from becoming tangled in the chain. It safeguards both the child and the chain.

Ensure the brakes are sturdy, sensitive, and small enough for a child’s little palm to quickly reach and grasp them.

Although a helmet isn’t technically a bicycle component, you should consider it part of the bicycle and purchase a well-fitting, high-quality helmet.


A bicycle with a single-speed setting is the best type for a child because it is easier to use and lighter.

Kids’ geared bicycles are available in the market, but they are only worthwhile if heavy off-roading and uphill climbing are involved.


A lightweight bicycle is easier to handle, ride up hills, and lift for storage or other similar purposes. The general rule for a child’s bike weight is that it be less than half of your child’s weight.


The market has a lot of options for a great bike for your kids. Choosing the best one can be a tedious task. Nowadays, it has become quite easy for everyone to buy kids cycles online by comparing, researching and exploring different cycles in the market.

Cycles are a great way for kids to enjoy their playtime in the parks, neighbourhood, etc. So get a cycle from the best cycle company in India and give your kids an eco-friendly playtime.

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