13 Bicycle Tips and Tricks That Every Cyclist Must Be Aware Of

Cycling is both a sport and a thrilling activity loved by all age groups. It can be taken up at any point in life and is enjoyed by kids, adults and old adults alike. It greatly enhances the mental and physical well-being of a person. However, every cycling enthusiast must know some tips and tricks to ensure an easy ride. These hacks can come in use even when stuck in a difficult situation. 

Tips and Tricks For Cycling Enthusiasts 

We have compiled a list of tips, tricks and hacks for those who love cycling. You can use these in times of need.  

  1. Use the Handle Bar 

If you love cycling but love snacking, too, we have a hack for you! You can fix a fanny pack or a belt bag to your cycle’s handlebar for uninterrupted access to your snacks. You can even store important tools in it. This hack lets you wear your favourite pocketless t-shirts and ride away in comfort!   

  1. Freeze The Water

If you are riding during the summer, you are bound to get more thirsty than ever. Fill half of your water bottles with water and freeze them overnight. Top it off with water at room temperature before you leave to ensure you have access to cool water throughout your journey.  

  1. Clean The Skewer

In case you hear a lot of creaking noises from your bike, check the skewer. The most common cause of creaking sound is the skewer or axle. All you need to do is to take it out, clean it, grease it, and put it in place for a noiseless and calm bike ride. 

  1. Lift the Handle Bar

Sometimes your hands may start hurting after a long ride. It can happen if you do not wear gloves. However, if you see this happening even when you wear gloves, try lifting or increasing your handlebar height to improve your position.

  1. Plastic Bottle Fenders

Do you continue to ride around with your bike fenders? Are they not long enough to prevent mud and dirt from flying into the rider behind you? If yes, you can easily fix this issue using a plastic bottle! Make a lengthwise cut in the bottle and use it to extend your fenders both ways to avoid any complaints. 

  1. Use Rubber Straps

Use rubber ski straps to tie your sleeping bags to the handlebars of your cycle. It becomes an affordable option to use your favourite backpacks for your bikepacking trips.  

  1. Hand in Pocket

Although it is very risky to look away from your path when riding, if you do need to turn your head and look behind, put your hand that is closest to the curb in your pocket. Doing so prevents your torso from turning too much to lose your balance and helps you ride in a straight line on your path.  

  1. Keep It Out

If you often struggle to go for a ride in the morning, keep your cycling gear on your table the night before. You won’t have to give yourself much time to get ready the next morning. 

  1. Carry Gloves

You can never predict what is going to happen in the future. You might have to fix a flat or do some work that can make your hands dirty. Therefore, carrying latex gloves will protect your hands.  

  1.  Keep Your Shoes Shiny

It is likely that your shoes may get dirty on a cycling trip. Use a magic eraser to keep your shoes, especially white ones, clean and shiny. 

  1.  Know Your Route

Whenever you are riding a new route or trail, you should always carry a map. A better and easier way is to tape a profile or cue sheet to the handlebar or stem of your cycle, so you do not forget the route or take a wrong turn. 

  1.  Use the Helmet Strap 

If you need to stop somewhere and are worried about the safety of your cycle because you forgot to bring a cycle lock, use your helmet. Use the strap of your helmet to secure your cycle to a pole or a railing. It isn’t as strong as a lock, but at least it can stop your bike from getting stolen. 

  1.  Always Carry Wipes

Carrying a packet of wet wipes in your bag will always help you. Whether you need to change a flat, go to the restroom, or clean your face or hands before a meal, wet wipes will always help you! You can also use them to keep your MTB cycles clean.


Cycling improves your overall health while also letting you have fun. Even if you ride the best bicycle for men or women, the tips and suggestions mentioned above make your cycling trips hassle-free and more enjoyable.

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