Precautions You Should Take Before Handing Over Your Car to A Service Centre

Your car has to visit a workshop once in a year, isn’t? It is a yearly routine maintenance. However, this is not a very tough task but still needs specialization. This makes us to have a trust on the mechanics because most of us are not even capable of dealing with screwdriver. However, it is worth sending your vehicle for routine service so that it can offer best of services. But, there is something important you should be aware of. It is checking your asset before giving to others.

If your pay attention to these things to ensure that your car received proper attention and there would not be any misuse of your car. You should take some precautions before sending your vehicle to a service centre. It definitely saves you on a number of things.

These precautions come into light in two phases. First before giving your vehicle to a service centre and second once you get it back.

Let’s look at precaution that should be taken into consideration before sending your vehicle to a service centre.

Check your fuel level

Checking your fuel level before sending your vehicle would be a great decision. You can keep a proof of fuel level or ensure that it is properly marked at the job sheet. However, it would be better to not filling too much before sending your vehicle for service, just keep it less than 50%.

Check the odometer Reading

Never forget to record the odometer reading once you reach to the service centre and try to get a written proof such an detail on the bill. If there would be any misuse of your vehicle, you can easily know it.

Mark your spare tyre for later identification

As there can be a possibility of exchange of a better quality spare tyre with a low quality one, you can avoid this scenario by marking your spare tyre with identification. However, change of tyre can be identified by examination of the mark once you receive you car after the service.

Secure your car’s documents and accessories

However, best thing is to secure all the documents like registration certificate, insurance or driving license. If there is any other detachable accessories, you should better remove the same or keep it secure.

Identification of a trusted mechanic

However, precautions are also necessary, but do they worth if there is no proper service? Of course not! This makes the identification of reliable mechanic necessary. Though, most of us trust friend’s suggestion, or research on the internet.

However, Service My Car has a pool of trust mechanics that are highly expert in their domains and always committed to serve every customer with at most dedication and integrity.

Here, you get trust of proper service and reliability that definitely attract you again and again.

Seek out for estimation

In these days, the online assistance allows customer to ask for the estimation of a car repair. However, it has become easy to prepare a service related expenses in advance. Such practice also raises the curtains over the tasks involved and any spare replacements. There could be a lot of hidden charges, inspections charges and time needed for entire job.

Service My Car offers you to ask for estimation before making a decision on opting for a service. You can easily avail it by accessing the application or downloading the app.

Once you have decided on the service centre and taken all above mentioned precautions. Your car goes under the service. However, you have to be aware of some things too before receiving your vehicle back.

Check out the job sheet

In most professional service centres, it is always a practice to maintain the job sheet. The job sheet usually consists of all the problems your car has and the remedies, it needs. It gives you a clear picture of the repairs and services done while your vehicle has been in the workshop. It also records actual prices of spares that have been used during the service.

Never forget to take a test drive after before receiving the vehicle

Though, there is always shortage of time in these days. Would it not be better to satisfy with the work that has been carried out during the service? Best way is to go for a test drive and discuss with the service adviser about the issue you have pointed out.

Though, professionals do not leave any problem unattended, but there could be human error as there are always a lot of vehicles lined up in the workshop.

However, you can rely on the Service My Car professionals for the quality of service as well as integrity you have been searching for. You also get free pick and delivery from your place.

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