How to Increase Sales and Conversions with WhatsApp on the Shopify Store

70% of people globally choose companies that communicate with them proactively. 

Trust is the core of every successful customer connection, and proactive communication creates the foundations for a long-term relationship with your clients that will lead to repeat business.

But bear in mind that not only do you want to participate in proactive consumer communication. You are competing against companies from across the globe. 

It is no longer enough to connect through channels like SMS and email.

Why? Because it’s tough to stand out among the hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of emails and SMS customers get every day.

WhatsApp now gives a lot more, owing to the release of the WhatsApp Business API.

Hence if you are looking for the best WhatsApp apps for Shopify plugins to increase sales in 2023, you need to go with the GetItSMS WhatsApp plugin for Shopify with many features.

Your message might be ignored as these channels are crowded. 

Instead, you will demand a direct and more customized channel of communication that permits one-on-one engagements with clients. This is the period when WhatsApp marketing is beneficial.

What is marketing on WhatsApp?

You spend hours drafting the perfect promotional email, altering the layout, etc., only to realize that no one ever opens it. 

What does it do to you? shattering, I assume? So why not utilize WhatsApp, which has a high likelihood of being read, to send that brief, lovely message?

WhatsApp marketing is simply communicating with your customers and promoting your goods/services using the well-known messaging/chat platform WhatsApp, much like SMS and email!

With merely 99% open rates!

Why would you market your Shopify store using WhatsApp?

Why do we believe WhatsApp Marketing is the most successful advertising channel for your Shopify store? 

In order to react to this, we have some statistics that illustrate WhatsApp’s potential to develop your company:

In the year 2021, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users globally.

On an average day, an Android user who uses WhatsApp spends roughly 38 minutes using the app.

Comparing WhatsApp to other communication channels, it has an open rate that is 99% larger.

The usual WhatsApp message click-through rate is 30%.

Conversion rates for WhatsApp messages may reach 9.1%.

Ages 26 to 35 are the most typical range for WhatsApp users. Not only them, but 13% of WhatsApp users are in the 56–60 age bracket as well.

Maintain your clientele on WhatsApp.

Keeping your customers connected with your brand is the first step to enhancing your client’s lifetime value. You may achieve this by providing them with the following:

1. Value. 

Whether it’s a discount on their upcoming purchase or a voucher for an item they’re now contemplating buying, you need to supply the client with something that benefits them in some form. 

This might also contain data about any items or services you supply that are important to the client’s needs.

2. Information on the present status of your company and, if relevant, your industry. 

This includes information on freshly launched goods, unique deals, and other stuff that will keep shoppers coming back because they want all of those fantastic prices!

How to include WhatsApp marketing in your mix of marketing

Customers enjoy experiences over brand names alone in today’s economy, which is oriented upon ease. 

The market has been more fragmented as a consequence of the change in customer preferences and the fast expansion of the digital environment. 

With more than 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp stands out as a formidable marketing tool that delivers one-on-one communication and personalisation, which customers enjoy. 

Real-time notifications help in improving brand awareness, influencing consumer decisions, and curating AI-powered dialogues according to each client’s objectives. 

You may create deep relationships on WhatsApp and urge consumers to advertise your firm. Including WhatsApp marketing solutions in your marketing plan may boost conversions, customer delight, and customer engagement. 

Using WhatsApp to Generate Leads 

Chatbots for lead generation on WhatsApp give a tailored method to engage prospects at the ideal period in their purchase cycle. 

By conversing with customers, interpreting their needs, and acquiring introduction information to qualify the leads, the chatbots automate the lead-generating and qualifying process.

These chatbots aid in converting idle visitors into sales-ready prospects by providing product suggestions, giving discounts, and collecting customer information. 

By personalizing them, the chatbots increase future follow-up efforts, raising the likelihood of conversion.

Using WhatsApp to grow your clientele 

One successful technique to engage consumers one-on-one and enhance conversions is to utilize WhatsApp throughout the client acquisition process. 

Customers benefit from an unrivaled degree of ease and comfort owing to WhatsApp’s one-tap product catalogue feature in WhatsApp Catalog API, which provides easy shopping experiences that may enhance sales and conversions. 

Customer satisfaction may be boosted by automated responses to inquiries about products and services, and average order value may be raised by tailored product suggestions based on browsing behaviors. 

WhatsApp is a valuable tool for firms looking to cross-sell and upsell things to their clientele by giving contextual add-ons, in addition to its other perks.

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, WhatsApp is surely the channel for you if you’re seeking a unique method to engage with and talk with your clientele. 

There are various ways you may exploit this platform, which has more than 1 billion active users, to build your company. 

You may send your customers personalized messages, OTPs, and payment URLs using the WhatsApp gateway API.

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