How to recover Facebook Account: how to recover Facebook without using a phone number

Did Facebook disable your account for no reason? Want to know how to recover Facebook account without using a phone number?

In India, Facebook is one of the most popular platforms in social media. It connects lots of its users on this platform. Through Facebook, you can communicate and stay connected with people across the globe. Here you can share your photos, and post status to keep your friends updated about your life. If you are facing problems while using a Facebook account like your forget your Facebook account or you can’t log in to your Facebook account so don’t worry about it, you can easily retrieve your Facebook account once you have lost access to the Facebook account. 

How to recover Facebook without using a phone number

To use this method, you must have got an email address attached to your Facebook account. If you have opened your account with a phone number you should add it to your Facebook account later. For how to recover Facebook account without using a phone number then follow these steps-

• Go to the Facebook

• Click on the forget password link

• Now you will be asked to fill in the box on your phone number or email address to check your account. 

• You don’t have a phone number in this case you will enter your email address

• Now Facebook will find your account associated with that email

• Send code via email option 

• Then you will go to the continue option

• Now you can check your email inbox from Facebook containing a recovery code

• Get back to Facebook and enter the code and go to the continue button. 

• Now you can add a strong password

• Once the password is accepted you can log into your Facebook account using a new password. 

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For many people, Facebook is a way to connect with their friends and family. Losing your Facebook account to your Facebook account could not mean losing all connection with them. If you don’t have access to your phone you can still recover your Facebook account. Follow these steps; you will know how to recover Facebook account without using a phone number. We hope from this article you have gained knowledge on how to recover your Facebook account without a phone number you can easily recover them.

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