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Writing an essay might seem like a difficult task, but it is not. Some students have the time to complete it on time while others don’t. Thus, questions like “How to write my college essay?” or “What my college essay should be about?” are quite common. Well, those aware of the hacks know how to complete assignments faster. As a student, I was very poor at submitting essays on time unless I made some changes later.

Students of any grade with any essay topic can now do it effectively with the tips I am going to share today. Here is what I have learned and guided students over the years to do when they have tough essays to complete within narrow deadlines.

Here are top tips on how one can write effective essays in no time:

1) Topic makes a difference

Selecting a good topic makes a huge difference. Many think that topic selection is not directly related to research proposal writing help, so they don’t put much emphasis here. But did you know that if you pick up good topics, you can hook the audience at the beginning?

Yes, it is not always your writing style but your topic which can work wonders. Think of exciting, new trending topics which can make a difference. Don’t go for easy, boring slants as they are overused and of no interest to the readers.

2) Write an impressive outline

Another important segment that most writers do not focus on is writing an impressive outline. A typical essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. But based on the topic, one can divide the main body into various sections.

A good outline enhances presentation and makes the work more organized. Sit down and plan your work. Think of amazing ways to divide your work and develop innovative taglines for the subheadings to keep them attractive.

3) Research is key

You must live under a rock if you are not emphasizing research. Research is key, and it makes a big difference. While researching, don’t restrict yourself. Don’t get lazy here or much of your work will be hampered. Research from online and offline sources and take personal interviews if necessary.

Many students even visit the site and make the extra effort to note all the details.

Focus on research, and it can greatly enrich and upgrade your paper’s quality.

4) Section your time

Some essays can be very lengthy, which is very time-consuming. Students who are not smart with their time face the rush of essay completion later. Don’t be in such a rush. Rather be wise and section your time. Make time for writing your introduction, research, editing, and everything else. Students have many other roles and responsibilities which they need to fulfill, so why not section your time?

Successful people always have a routine, and they follow it strictly. Make sure you are making and following it, which will make a big difference at any point in your life.

5) Go through other works

There is nothing wrong with getting inspired for your essays. But it becomes a problem when copying it entirely, leading to plagiarism issues. But at any point in your time, you can always read other people’s work on your topic to get an idea of how to do frame your paper.

This can also give you new slants and ideas that you can use in your paper. If you cannot find enough material for your work, you can always ask seniors and professors to help. They can share their references and links with you.

6) Form a team

Any work becomes 10 times easier when you have the support of the right friends. Call in your friends and ask them to help you out. They would be happy to do so and to return the favor, you can help them when they are in trouble. This is mutual help.

Anything done with friends is fun and cheap. This way, you also save the money you would pay to an assignment helper if you wonder” who will write my essay for me?” for too long. Hence next time you find it impossible to complete an essay on time, call your friends and join hands to do it together.

7) Get feedback

At any time, getting feedback on your work will never be a bad idea. Getting feedback on your work will give you ideas you could never think of alone. Ask for recommendations from your friend, siblings, and others who can go through their work.

This will allow you to make finishing changes before making the final submission. Many students even get their professors to proofread their papers and get their thoughts on the work so far.

8) Never skip proofreading

No writing tasks are ever completed without proofreading. Proofreading is the final step to upgrading the quality of the paper and making it flawless. Small mistakes like spelling, grammar, and tense can be fatal. Almost everyone is exhausted from completing their assignments, so they skip proofreading.

Proofread your papers at all times. Through this process, you can develop and implement new ideas to take your papers to the next level.

9) Stat early

The next tip is to start early. If you start early, you can fish your work early. Students who are poor with time management do not prioritize this tip, so they have no time to focus on assignment composition.

Later, when deadlines start hitting, we all rush to complete work, which becomes quite difficult. Also, working in a rush leads to mistakes and poor delivery of work. Start working early to have enough time to get work done in a balanced way without any rush.

Who knew essay wring could be so easy? It is not that difficult once you know the steps you have to follow. Some of these are very generic tips, and we know you have heard many people saying the same. Yet these simple steps can make a big impact if you start following them right now. No matter how short the deadline is or how tough your topic is, following these tips can help you complete your essay quickly.

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Janelle Simons is a lecturer at the University of Toronto. She has done a master’s in English and has been teaching students for over 5+ years. Currently, she works at to help students in need who wonder” Who will write my college essay?”

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