Things You Should Know About HAVC & Duct Installation

Do you have HVAC Installation on your agenda? Is your old system getting old and you are in dire need of a new replacement soon? The field of HVAC is high in demand and with advanced air-conditioning technology and equipment HVAC installers are able to chalk out the best HVAC layout in Riyadh that is designed to satisfy the needs of residential or industrial cooling or heating. With each new HVAC system coming into the market you may be at wit’s end on which one to choose. Knowing about HVAC systems and what are your needs, you can easily pick up a system, but with the help of a trusted HAVC installer. You don’t buy HAVC every day but HAVC installers do it regularly.

How to pick up the right HAVC system?

Pick the ideal HVAC System

  1. The first thing you do is to assess the climate of the area you live in because HAVC choice will be based on that. For example, in an area where it is always hot and humid and rarely freezes you will need a HAVC system capable of working for long hours without getting tired. This would also mean that your central air conditioning system is critical for your home or office.
  2.  The unit’s size is first to consider because undersized systems won’t be able to deliver. The cooling capacity of the HVAC system is measured in tons and heating is with BTU. The size of the system will determine how much cooling or heating your home can accommodate. It is wise to get the right size and the HVAC layout Riyadh drawn by the installer. Oversized air conditioners can suffocate your home with extra cold air without removing humidity and pave the way for the development of mold.  
  3. HAVC comes in a variety of trim levels and different sizes across configurations. It is better to consult a HAVC technician in this matter and he will recommend you the exact model your home requires. You can search and confirm this by visiting various review sites and articles.
  4. Energy efficiency is most considered while buying HAVC. In some instances an expensive HAVC system with variable speeds can be highly efficient and over time it will return the investment you made on the AC. It is better to look for Energy Star SEER ratings before buying the unit and only pick the one that is higher rated.
  5. SEER depicts Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This fancy term will spell out how much energy your AC unit will consume during the course of a year. Most air conditioner units have 13-20 SEER ratings and the efficiency of mini-splits can be even higher. You can get a lesson from the HVAC technician on SEER ratings and the energy efficiency of the unit you are going to buy. This way you will be able to balance the cost of the unit and its efficiency.
  6. It is also advised to know about the unit’s life cycle costs and maintenance required periodically. The initial cost of high-quality units is always high but in the long run they prove to be lower. You can expect cheaper repair costs if you buy a high-end HAVC System.

How to choose ducting for your HVAC system?

Another thing you should consider consulting is the industrial HVAC ductwork in Riyadh. A high-performing and fully functional HVAC system will depend on the ductwork it is offered with. Ducting a home or industrial unit for HAVC systems can be a daunting task because it has to be based on your house or industry’s architecture. 

However, you should not be worried about it because the HAVC installer will recommend the right ducting plan so it increases the efficiency of cooling. An industrial HVAC ductwork will be modeled according to the type of processes and the architecture of the various spaces where cool or hot air is required. You will be required to calculate load which is the heat gain and heat loss of every room which is to be connected with the ductwork.

It is also important to pick the right duct material and you have two primary choices in sheet metal duct and fiberglass pipes. Sheet metal ducting has proved its mettle over the years and is recommended for ducting in your industrial setup. Fiberglass ducting is flexible but it can degrade over time. 

It is difficult to clean because it accumulates dust which is difficult to dislodge. If you want an optimum level of airflow sheet metal ducting is the best. You can always consult Alma HVAC, Riyadh for the right choice of central air conditioning and the relevant ductwork. Contact them on phone numbers or send mail to get an instant response.

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