Top Benefits of Hiring Overseas Education Consultants in India

Has the thought of studying abroad been bothering you for a while? Are you having trouble figuring out where to begin?

Don’t worry! Hundreds of students go through this hassle daily. Of the 750,365 Indian students who went abroad for higher studies in 2022, you can rest assured that 70% didn’t have a clue what they were doing initially as well.

But you can always learn to handle the ropes by yourself (which can honestly take a lot of time, and the chances of success aren’t very high) or hire overseas education consultants.

What Problems Can You Face When Applying to Study Abroad?

If you’re applying to an institute in a foreign land for the first time, you will run into some issues no matter how careful you try to be. While interviewing some Indian students studying abroad, I was surprised to find that almost 80% had messed up their first try.

Here are some of the leading reasons they had to re-apply in the next admission cycle:

  • Missed the application deadline
  • Forgot to attach important documents
  • Botched the visa interview
  • Stumbles during the admission interview
  • Failed to make their application stand out
  • Became overwhelmed with the pressure
  • Couldn’t shortlist the institutes

The planning stages to study abroad begin at least a year or two before the session when you wish to apply. Only then will you have enough time to sort out the documents and prepare yourself for this significant step in your life.

But if you procrastinate and leave the preparations for the last minute, you’re bound to run into such issues throughout the process.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Consultants?

Studying abroad isn’t a walk in the park. Nor is it an affordable option for many.

Every year, thousands of Indian students rely on education loans to fund their studies abroad. So, considering the financial hassle, it’s natural to feel an aversion towards hiring professional education consultants who would charge more money.

But you shouldn’t write these services off completely without understanding their true value.

So, to make things easier, here’s a comprehensive guide on the TOP BENEFITS you can enjoy hiring an overseas education consultancy service:

1. Detailed answers to all your queries

You are bound to have a LOT of questions during this journey. Well, the internet has made sure you don’t have to worry about a lack of information.

But some of the issues you might face include –

  • Lack of reliable websites
  • Lack of real-time data
  • Excessive research time

That’s why many students prefer hiring professional consultants because they don’t have to undergo these hassles.

Suppose you wonder, “Can I study in the UK for free from India?”

When you approach a consultant, they can help you with the following –

  • Exploring full scholarship options in the UK according to colleges or universities (Commonwealth Masters Scholarships, Inlaks Scholarships, etc.)
  • Shortlisting 100% scholarships based on academic merit/need-based requirements (Felix Scholarship, British Council Great Scholarships, etc.)
  • Choosing top universities with great programs at affordable tuition fees

2. Expert consultancies from top professionals

If you do not have any relatives studying abroad, you might find it challenging to have faith in your own choices. For example, your mind can be filled with questions like –

  • Am I choosing the right college?
  • Will I face any problems living alone in a foreign land?
  • W
  • ill I get any work opportunities abroad?
  • When should I start sending in applications?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s completely normal to feel anxious and second-guess your choices when you do not want to regret your decision in the future.  

So, instead of bearing the entire burden on your shoulder, you can delegate some responsibility to professional consultants.

Here are some expert tips shared by some of the leading experts in this field –

  • Always choose a program after checking the faculty, research opportunities and work possibilities.
  • Never aim for Ivy-League colleges if you do not have excellent grades.
  • Shortlist universities with a good acceptance rate to avoid rejection.
  • Aim for university dorms or shared apartments to decrease living costs.

3. Step-by-step guidance through all processes

From shortlisting colleges and universities to sending in applications, appearing for interviews, applying for student visas, and finalizing accommodation – you’ve got your work cut out for you when you plan to study abroad.

There is so much to do that you run the risk of missing out on crucial steps, which can set you back on your schedule. That’s why education consultants who provide step-by-step guidance are in high demand.

  • Experts suggest the best admission season for Indian students and ensure a smooth application.
  • Abroad education visa consultants review your needs and help you apply for your student visa.
  • The consultants help you with forex services, flight bookings, temporary accommodation options, education loans, and the best insurance options.

When you’ve got experts to help you through every step of the way, you can lower the occurrence of misplaced documents, missed deadlines, and other mishaps.

4. Preparatory classes with leading academics

Excellent scores in exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, etc., are necessary to make your dreams of studying abroad a reality.

English language proficiency tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, Duolingo English Test, etc., are compulsory to apply to your desired institute. These tests check your Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing skills in English, and a good score is always a step forward to achieving your dream.

A number of colleges in the USA have made the ACT and SAT optional for international students. But a high score certainly makes your application more attractive.  

So, when you wonder, “Are there any SAT or IELTS Coaching Center in Noida?” you can find several abroad consultancy services offering preparatory classes to improve your scores.

For example, AbroadVice offers offline classes and online sessions for such examinations. During these sessions, you can enjoy –

  • One-on-one tutoring from leading academics in India
  • Revision of complex topics
  • Solving sample question papers
  • Discussion on past papers with correct answers
  • Learning various tricks to ensure better scores
  • Personalized tests to gauge the skill level
  • Listening and speaking tests with various accents
  • Vital notes, up-to-date information, latest exam patterns

Like Abroadvice, you’ll encounter various online consultancies that have begun offering similar tutoring services.

So, is it compulsory for you to hire such services? The answer depends on the situation.

If you have someone to rely on, you can probably get away with not hiring an expert consultant. But if you must handle everything on your own, professional experts can help you avoid many sleepless nights.

Summing it up,

When planning to study abroad, you might need someone to clear your doubts or hold your hand and guide you through the entire application process. It’s genuinely admirable if you want to do everything on your own but keep in mind that applications are COSTLY. You’ll have to spend a lot of money on every application you send in. So, the quicker you receive your acceptance letter, the easier it is on your purse.

That’s why abroad education consultancies have become a saving grace for millions of Indian students. These services take care of every issue that might crop up while applying to a foreign university. So, if you decide to hire a professional consultant, there’s a high chance of you getting through on your first try.

Author bio:

Jennifer Wilkins is an overseas education consultant at She has helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams of studying in the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, etc. She provides up-to-date information on admissions across the world and offers personalized guidance sessions.

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