All 4 Guards In Meet Your Maker, Ranked

From worst to finest, here’s how the guards in Behaviour Interactive’s Meet Your Maker rate.

Just when the gaming world thought Behaviour Interactive had ticked all the boxes for an intriguing project with Dead By Daylight, they keep players guessing with a fresh premise with the same replayability. Since its release, Meet Your Maker has been a popular with gamers, with the post-apocalyptic title offering something for everyone.

Meet Your Maker allows players to be creative as they create and test their own fortresses studded with traps and guards to keep invading raiders from stealing their genetic material, or Genmat. On the other hand, players can put their abilities as infiltrators to the test by attempting to steal Genmat from other Outposts. Because the effectiveness of an Outpost’s defence is dependent on the placement of its traps and guards, players would profit from becoming acquainted with the available henchmen.


The Cannonback guard’s offensive weaponry are limited, yet it exploits its few skills to terrible effect. What it lacks in arms, it makes up for with a powerful cannon on its back.

Because of the massive gadget mounted atop the Cannonback, builders should expect movement to be slower than with other guard alternatives; nonetheless, the explosive arsenal at its disposal will pay benefits when used wisely. Players who want to maximise the Cannonback’s usefulness should position it so that its explosive projectiles corner any raiders.

To compensate for the Cannonback’s lack of mobility, players should look to combine its arsenal with a variety of traps. The Iron Claw is a useful ally for Cannonbacks since it may drag intruders into the path of the burning missiles, whereas the Incinerator may divert an intruder’s course towards a more destructive conclusion.


The Enforcer functions like a typical rifleman, and if raiders are not careful, this guard will shoot a bolt-sized hole through anyone in its sights. The Enforcer guard is the most efficient kind of ranged defence for any Outpost, and while it lacks the Cannonback’s blast radius, it fires off more projectiles at would-be thieves at a considerably faster rate.

The light weapon attached to the semi-clone’s arm allows for more manoeuvrability than the Cannonback, but it lacks the agility of the Hornet. Having said that, the increased mobility of this ground-based guard allows it to be stationed at a variety of station points. Because of its moderate agility, builders can station the guard at a higher view point with some room to move, giving the Enforcer the space and advantage it needs to ensure no Genmat flees the Outpost.

The Enforcer will provide a much-needed boost in ranged offence, posing a considerable challenge to incoming raiders whether on the ground, from a height, or from a distance.


The Hornet guard distinguishes itself from its rivals by being able to launch an offensive from the air. Unlike the other guards, this Genmat protector will zip through the air in an attempt to evade oncoming projectiles while also finding the best angle to launch its own attack.

Because of its crudely-made jet pack, the Hornet is the most evasive of the guards available in Meet Your Maker, which means raiders must verify their aim is true before pulling the gun. In addition to its airborne manoeuvres, the Hornet’s plasma missiles have a moderate ability to hunt out their target, which means invaders must keep track of any bullets thrown their way.

Players can effectively leverage the Hornet’s evasive nature by creating spaces with plenty of ceiling space to allow them to roam. The more space this guard has, the better its chances of dispatching any raiders and keeping the Genmat safe.


When it comes to Genmat protection, the Warmonger is the best of the best. This enormous sub-clone will have invaders scared and fleeing for their lives, combining physical force, armour, and a relentless rush at any intruders.

The Warmonger provides builders with a fearsome heavy weapon bearer in the shape of a hideous version of Batman’s foe Bane to protect their Outpost. The Warmonger in Penalty Kick Online, unlike the other guards, is well armoured and will require numerous shots to neutralise unless raiders have a steady enough hand to shoot a bolt through its head.

Whereas the other guards deal harm from afar, the Warmonger thrives on close-quarter battle and welcomes any opportunity to slice and dice their opponents head-on. The guards’ two terrible blades are linked to their arms, resulting in a terrifying Genmat guardian.

The Warmonger is the slowest of the guards due to its sheer size. To prevent this, players would benefit from utilising traps to create a distraction, giving the Warmonger enough time to get in range and execute the killing blow.

Meet Your Maker is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam.

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