Prison Architect Guide for Beginers

Do you ever fantasise about being the warden of a supermax facility? If so, you will enjoy the game Prison Architect. It’s a game where you get to play the part of the prison’s top official, from warden to architect to executioner. In particular, you get to construct and decorate your own prison and select the inmates who will be put to death.

Playing this game is difficult in comparison to other simulation games. The issue here is that it’s not going to be simple to construct an effective prison if you’ve never been inside one. Considerations like room placement and security personnel allocation will occupy your mind. You may even be curious about the required minimum of rooms. These are only some of the considerations you’ll need to make while engaging in game play. Thankfully, we’ve put together a manual on how to construct a top-notch maximum-security institution.

Prison Architect Build Prison

A Guide To Building A Maximum Security Prison

If you want some simple advice on how to build a top-notch high-security jail, keep reading. You don’t need any expertise in jail design to make one.


The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind when playing Prison Architect is that money management is crucial to your success. In the beginning, your resources will be limited, exactly like in other simulation games, so you can’t go crazy with construction. You should prioritise getting the basics taken care of before worrying about going into debt.

The upside is that you won’t have to build the prison from the ground up when you play, as one will already exist. However, more rooms and infrastructure need to be constructed before it can be considered finished. You want to make your medium-security jail into a high-security one. But you’ll need some cash to do it.


You can acquire grants and put your inmates to work to increase your income in the game. Prisons can apply for grants in the form of financial aid to help them improve and grow. These are typically significant quantities of money that will prove invaluable, particularly in the early stages of building your prison. There will be no restrictions on accepting more than two awards at once, and grants will initially be requirement-free.

If you engage an accountant, you can increase your grant money. When your initial grants are depleted, you will need to start using Locked Grants. These gifts, however, would be locked until you met certain requirements. One of the first accessible Locked Grants is for Cell Block A. You can spend the Grant funds for its construction once you’ve begun the project. Putting inmates to work is another option for generating revenue.

There are six different types of employment that can be assigned to inmates: laundry, cooking, cleaning, workshop, store clerk, and mail sorting. By assigning inmates to specific tasks, the requirement for prison labourers can be reduced. Consequently, it will cut expenses and boost revenue. Putting inmates to work has other benefits, including rehabilitation, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Unlocking Prison Labour at the Geometry Dash Subzero Bureaucracy allows inmates to be put to work. To have access to all of the obtainable labour, you must also study Deployment.

Laundry facilities, kitchens, workshops, and other specialised spaces are needed for different types of labour. Verify that you’ve complied with all the necessary steps before putting inmates to work.


When you have amassed a sufficient sum of money, the next task is to ensure that your prison is expanding. To make your jail highest security, you’ll need to expand the number of cells and the number of other facilities available to inmates. You’ll need a facility that can handle a high volume of inmates arriving regularly now. You can put the arrival of new cells on hold while you save up money for their construction.

Prison Architect Executioner

You need to ensure sure the prison has adequate guards and personnel, in addition to the cells and other necessary facilities. You will need more guards as your prison population increases. To be successful, though, you must ensure that your revenue is consistently greater than your expenditures. If you run a deficit and need to lay off workers, you have that option.


No matter how hard you try to keep inmates on the straight and narrow, riots in jail are inevitable. You need the assistance of the Emergency Service to cope with them. Typically, the riot police or fire department will show up to help restore peace and order.

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