Exercise Using Your Stairs And Be Fit

Can you do a great workout without using complicated and expensive exercise machines? Well, the answer is yes, you can use something very simple like a staircase and do exercise steps. 

If you are willing to know about how you will be able to do exercises using the steps of a staircase then we would suggest you to read this blog thoroughly where you will be learning about keeping yourself fit. 

Great Workouts Using Staircase for the Readers – 

Here are some of the useful and simple exercises which you can do without any equipment, and just by using a simple staircase. 

Stair sprint 

If you are able to do the stair sprint then this exercise will be pretty simple for you, in this exercise you have to run up the stairs as fast as you can, walk as fast as you can or jog back down and then you should run back again. 

You can let yourself lose for a few minutes and then begin again, sprinting up the stairs can get your heart pumping but you should not try this if you are not in shape for a workout as it can be dangerous for you. 

To increase or double your pace you should pump your arms back and forth which will keep you going on and it will make your body harder but you shouldn’t take two step ups at a time to avoid knee problems. 

Stair hops 

Now you can try this exercise in which you have to hop up step by step with one or with both feet in whichever you are comfortable with, hopping or jumping up a stair is a very good form of cardio. 

You should bend your knees a bit which will help you in pushing yourself off the ground so that you can have a clean and safe landing in the next step up. 

Even though step up exercise is beneficial, there is a great risk that you can slip or you can fall if you do not have a good balance or if you are not in a good physical condition or shape. 

Your foot needs to be landed flat on each stair and should not hang off the edge or it can make you fall down. 

Stair lunges 

If you are looking for strength training then stair lunges should be the best one for you and should be good for your legs and glutes, you should start your lunges by standing at the base of the stairs and should step your right foot up to stretch your leg. 

You should aim for 10 lunges on each side or you can also do as many as you can as stair lunges can be hard for you as well as hard for your knees. 

We believe that the details and information which have been offered to you in this blog has been helpful for you in learning about Stair exercise but you can also look at healthgroovy websites to find out the basic information you need. 

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