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Renub Research has recently released a report titled “Global Chicken Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2023-2028,” providing a detailed analysis of the industry that includes market share insights.The report also includes competitor and regional analysis, and contemporary advancements in the market. Global Chicken Industry is expected to grow with a CAGR of nearly 5.45% from 2022 to 2028. Chicken meat offers a range of nutritional benefits that make it a popular choice among consumers worldwide.

Chicken meat is indeed a popular and widely consumed type of meat across the world, largely due to its affordable price, taste, and nutritional benefits. Both dark and white meat chicken contain essential nutrients such as vitamin B12, choline, and tryptophan, which are vital for various functions in the body. As the global economy expands, more individuals are able to include meat in their diets, and chicken is frequently the most economical and readily available choice. The rising popularity of fast-food and quick-service restaurants that offer chicken-based dishes has also played a part in the trend’s growth.

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The chicken market has experienced significant growth and globalization in recent years, driven by strong demand from consumers across countries of all income levels. Many countries, including China, Brazil, the European Union, Russia, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Turkey, Columbia, and the United States, have seen year-on-year increases in chicken production.

The largest producers of chicken meat are expected to see substantial gains, with the United States, Brazil, and China being the top three countries in terms of growth. These countries have invested heavily in modern production facilities, advanced breeding techniques, and improved processing technologies, allowing them to increase production efficiency and meet growing demand.

The on-trade channel has experienced a rise in sales of poultry meat, with frozen meat accounting for a substantial portion of the overall poultry meat market. The increasing popularity of hotdogs and salami, as well as the longer shelf-life of frozen meat, are projected to contribute to the continued growth of this market segment. Canned meat is also expected to see growth, with a significant share of its usage in daily meals.

Japan relies heavily on food imports, including chicken meat, which is mostly sourced from Brazil. The affordable Brazilian chicken meat is commonly used by budget-friendly restaurant chains in Japan. The Tussi cooperative association has started exporting chicken to Japan, which became their biggest export destination until 2020, when China surpassed Japan as their largest importer of chicken.

The Brazilian Association for Animal Protein (ABPA) predicts that broiler exports from Brazil may achieve a new record in 2022, with a projected increase of 5% compared to 2021 when the country exported 4.6 million tons of chicken meat. The United Arab Emirates emerged as the second-largest destination for Brazilian chicken meat, following China, with Japan closely behind. In addition, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia are expected to become new destinations for Brazilian chicken meat.

Some of the major players currently competing in the global chicken meat market include Tyson Foods, Inc., JBS S.A., Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Danish Crown Group, Vion Food Group, W.H. Group, Hormel Foods Corporation, and Muyuan Foods.

Market Summary:

  • Production- the Report Covers Global Chicken Meat Market by production in 12 viewpoints (United States, Brazil, China, European Union, Russia, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, and Others).
  • Consumption- By Consumption, the Global Chicken Meat Market breakup up into 12 viewpoints (United States, China, Brazil, European Union, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Argentina, Columbia, and Others).
  • Export- Renub Research report covers export from 12 viewpoints (Brazil, United States, European Union, Thailand, China, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Argentina, Belarus, Russia, and Others).
  • Import- Based on Import, the Renub Research Report breakup up into 12 viewpoints (Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, European Union, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, Philippines, UAE, South Africa, United States, and Others).
  • Key Players- All the major players have been covered from 3 Viewpoints (Overview, Recent Developments, and Sales Analysis) Tyson Foods, Inc., JBS S.A., Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, Danish Crown Group, Vion Food Group, W.H. Group, Hormel Foods Corporation, and Muyuan Foods.

Global Chicken Producing Countries:

1.    United States

2.    Brazil

3.    China

4.    European Union

5.    Russia

6.    Mexico

7.    Thailand

8.    Turkey

9.    Argentina

10.    Columbia

11.    Peru

12.    Others

Global Chicken Exporting Countries:

1.    Brazil

2.    United States

3.    European Union

4.    Thailand

5.    China

6.    Turkey

7.    United Kingdom

8.    Ukraine

9.    Argentina

10.    Belarus

11.    Russia

12.    Others

Companies Covered

1.    Tyson Foods, Inc.

2.    JBS S.A.

3.    Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

4.    Danish Crown Group

5.    Vion Food Group

6.    W.H. Group

7.    Hormel Foods Corporation

8.    Muyuan Foods

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