6 Benefits of Wood Veneers

Wood veneer sheets have been used in the furniture industry for many years. It has become the most preferred material for interior designing. It is an ideal material to create a unique style. Each veneer sheet is distinct in appearance, shade, and pattern as these are sourced directly from exotic species. It makes it impossible to find the same veneer although there may be some similarities in the veneers obtained from the same log. This classy material adds natural beauty and enhances the aesthetics of modern interiors. You can use it in multiple ways to amplify the decor and create attractive furniture. Here we will know more about this natural beauty!! Read on!! 

Amplify the Looks

Home is much more than a place surrounded by four walls. It is a place that is a source of happiness and joy in your life. You can amplify the looks of your home by using veneer sheets on different surfaces. You can even use these on a wall or on panels as well to create mesmerising surroundings. As these are sourced from nature directly, you can develop natural wooden looks and can enhance the ambiance with the natural elegance of wood veneer sheets.


Wood veneer sheets are available in a wide range of colours, shades, textures, and patterns, thus you have a wide choice of range to select from. You can use these sheets creatively in a theme form and can give different themes to different areas of your home. Applying these on surfaces would create masterpieces. You can use bold, bright colours for your kids’ room, and can give luxurious living spaces. There are endless possibilities and you are free to use your imagination.


These are very durable and are simple to work with. There are very less chances of wrapping or cracking during processing.

Eco Friendly

Wood veneer sheets are eco-friendly. Hence, using these would be a step taken towards sustainability. As a single wooden log provides a large number of veneer sheets, there will be a reduced number of trees required to be cut to fulfil human needs. 


These are non-toxic as well. Moreover, non-toxic adhesives are used during the fabrication process. Hence these are environmentally friendly and safe for all.

Pocket Friendly

Wood veneer sheets are very affordable in comparison to solid wood. So you can use these to revamp every surface within your budget.

Bhutan Tuff is the one of best veneer brands in India to produce a large collection of versatile veneer sheets in a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures. All the veneer sheets are engineered from the finest quality wooden logs directly from the wood. You can select the one to match the theme of your place and can create a unique and attractive ambiance. We take pride in our rich collection of veneers in more than 1100+ designs, shades, patterns, and textures. Our collection of veneer sheets ranges from natural shades to dark-fumed shades. So why compromise for quality? Convert any space into an artistic marvel with our product range. The company is passionately providing expert assistance as well to help you know the product better and to select the best to suit your specific requirements!! Contact us today!!

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