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ADHD is an attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. It manifests itself as a combination of persistent behavioral symptoms, such as hyperactivity or impulsiveness.

About 11 percent of people suffer from ADHD

This disease is prevalent in the United States among children aged 4-17. This disease can persist even into adulthood.

Children who have ADHD may struggle with relationships and low self-esteem. Adults suffering from ADHD have trouble prioritizing, organizing, managing time, and multitasking. These people can also experience frustration, mood swings, and difficulty focusing.

There is no cure for this condition, but there are treatments that can improve symptoms and function. These include medication, psychological counseling, training, and education.

ADHD blogs offer advice and strategies from both experts and those with the disorder. Their goal is to empower readers.

ADHD Kids Rock

Jeff Rasmussen is the founder and owner of ADHD Kids Rock. He was diagnosed with ADHD in Grade 7. Jeff Rasmussen’s dream is to help kids who are “punished every day” for having ADHD.

Jeff’s ADHD led to many negative school experiences. Before he started taking medication, his teachers removed him from recess and gym. Jeff also shared stories, strategies, and experiences with ADHD Kids Rock blog readers, teachers, and parents.

The blog recently posted an article about summer camp being a challenge for kids with ADHD. The blog also talks about how to deal with angry bullies to prove a point, and how video games may help children with ADHD.

The ADHD Homestead

Jaclyn, who is a stay-at-home mom, writes for The ADHD Homestead. Jaclyn and her husband live with a toddler and have been diagnosed with ADHD.

Jaclyn has been able to live a fulfilling and happy life despite her ADHD. Jaclyn achieved this by understanding how her brain worked, treating her ADHD, and figuring out the best ways to manage her schedule, family, and relationships.

The ADHD Homestead, a blog by Jaclyn, shows how to cope with ADHD. The posts feature tips on how women with ADHD can deal with family life. The blog also covers how to make sure you read all the details and how music can improve your memory.

The Splintered mind

Douglas Cootey is the blogger behind the blog A Splintered Mind. He started blogging in 2005 to combat the stigma around his ADHD and depression. He wanted to be able to speak more freely about his condition without feeling embarrassed.

Douglas wants to reach out to others who have similar problems. He will not only share his own experience with ADHD and depression but also read their emails and comments to learn how they feel.

A Splintered Mind is an honest and sometimes humorous account of ADHD. These posts offer tips on how you can avoid an appointment with a doctor that was mistakenly scheduled, how to deal with ADHD tardiness, and how to overcome a feeling of overwhelming underachievement.

Ritalin for Raising Children

Tyler Page began taking Ritalin shortly before his ninth birthday. Tyler Page had been diagnosed with ADHD when he was eight years old.

Tyler is a Minneapolis-based artist who lives in his 40s. Raised On Ritalin explores ADHD, treatments, and how ADHD has impacted Tyler and his family. Tyler even published a book about his ADHD experience.

This blog contains comic book posts that describe how Tyler’s ADHD was helped by cycling. It also describes how Tyler’s mind functions when he makes comics.

ADHD Roller Coaster

Gina Pera is an “accidental adult ADHD Specialist” and blogger at ADHD Roller Coaster. Gina Pera was interested in ADHD when she read about the brain at the library. This book has changed the lives of Gina Pera and her husband as well as many others.

Gina was reading when she discovered a condition called adult ADHD. She was intrigued and gained a new perspective on why she and her husband, who is a molecular biologist and had been dating for years, were driving each other crazy. She believed that many couples were in the same situation.

Gina is on a 17-year mission to relieve suffering and raise adult ADHD awareness. In her most recent blog posts, she discusses six ADHD management tools and strategies, the high cost of fear-based ADHD treatment, and whether ADHD can affect a person’s sense of smell.

Total ADD

ADHD supports adults with ADHD, as well as others affected by ADHD, such as family members, employers, or healthcare professionals. The mission of TotallyADD is to free those with ADHD from stigma and shame so that they can lead fulfilling life.

The Totally ADD Team consists of people with ADD or those affected by it. They offer humor, information, and social interaction in their posts. This site provides reliable information presented in a fun and memorable manner.

This blog contains articles that discuss strengths shared by ADHD sufferers. The blog also discusses whether ADD adults have low self-esteem, and how to tell if you are ADHD.

An ADD Woman

Brenda Nicholson is the creator of An ADD Woman. She was diagnosed with ADHD about 30 years ago. Brenda Nicholson was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 42. She is passionate about helping others live their best life. Her two daughters have ADHD.

Brenda has been working with women and youth with ADHD for more than a decade. She is living proof that it is possible to live a happy and full life even with ADHD. Take care of yourself first and understand your ADHD.

An ADD Woman includes posts on ADHD-related issues, such as whether women with ADHD are confident or how to get organized and accomplish things. The posts also include tips on how to get organized and move around your house in 5 minutes.


ImpactADHD is a resource for parents who have children with ADHD. It offers support, coaching, and other solutions. The best way to empower your children is through the empowerment of yourself.

ImpactADHD provides coaching for parents who are looking to overcome obstacles and achieve happiness and success. The coaches help parents communicate more effectively and set realistic goals to create a happier parenting path.

This blog is divided into four sections: Overcoming school challenges, Organizing Life and Your Family, Maintaining Healthy Relationships, and Managing Emotions and Urges. There are posts about how to get your children to concentrate, handle the morning rush, and build a relationship with them.

ADD Consults

Terry Matlen is a psychotherapist, ADHD coach, and founder of ADD Consults. Terry has ADHD, as does one of her kids.

Terry is an internationally recognized speaker, Senior Certified ADHD Coach, and certified coach.

ADD Consults’ blog covers a wide range of ADHD topics. They include tips on how to improve relationships, and self-esteem, and stay connected.

Untapped Brilliance

Jacqueline Sinfield is an ADHD educator and coach for adults. She teaches adults who have ADHD how to manage it through her Untapped Brilliance website.

Jacqueline always wanted to become a nurse. She initially pursued nursing, but soon realized that speaking to patients and their families was her passion.

Untapped Brilliance includes topics like what to include on your ADHD “don’t do” list and how to eliminate afternoon crashes.

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