Cloud Phone System – Everything You Need to Know

Businesses are expanding more quickly today, and a large part of this growth can be attributed to the cloud’s adaptability and affordable solutions. This innovation is also being adopted by business communications, an essential foundational component of every organization as many service providers are providing cloud voice solutions for businesses of all sizes.

What Is a Cloud Phone System and How Does It Operate?

A cloud phone system, also referred to as a cloud PBX, hosted PBX, or hosted phone system, is a VoIP phone system that is accessible through a cloud-based IP network that is entirely managed and provided online which requires less initial investment in telecommunications infrastructure.

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Simply one can make and receive calls using IP phones, mobile phones, or other devices when using a business phone system that is hosted in the cloud, and then finally voice traffic is transmitted to cloud-based data centers via an Internet connection.

Find out the advantages:


Since the initial cost of equipment and ongoing maintenance costs are significantly reduced by a cloud phone system, it is a cost-effective option. In the majority of cloud phone system implementations, purchasing IP phones represents the only capital expense. Typically, the cloud phone system operates on a simple per-user basis, allowing businesses to increase their capacity by purchasing additional licenses as the system is always ready to grow along with your business. On the other hand, under such a pricing arrangement, the company has better control over its budget and a more reliable phone system. As a cloud-based phone system does not need this kind of maintenance, unlike a traditional phone system, which must maintain the location where the server and other hardware are located, maintenance costs will also be lower.


Scalability is the ability to scale resources and infrastructure up or down in tandem with business growth. The majority of top cloud phone system providers use the SaaS model, and you can scale up or scale down resources as needed.

Adopting this kind of corporate phone system has several advantages, one of which is the capacity for effective growth. Any cloud phone system can scale to keep up with the growth of your business, but traditional phone systems require more equipment for businesses to scale up. But with cloud-based phone services, increasing customer numbers is simple regardless of whether a company is headquartered in a physical office or employs remote workers as it ranks among the best phone services for businesses, especially those that are growing quickly.

Administration and maintenance

A cloud phone system is hosted off-site and is centrally managed by phone service providers that can be configured and set up without the help of the IT department at the customer. Because the responsibility for keeping the system updated is transferred from the client to the service provider, businesses can have a phone system that is always current without allocating funds or resources to its upkeep. Managing a cloud phone system is also made simpler if you have an Internet connection, which is great for companies with offices scattered across the nation. Using the web interface, an IT administrator can quickly and easily change user settings at any time and place.

Mobility and Flexibility

HQ, branch offices, and teleworkers can all be integrated with a cloud phone system to share the same features and maintain business continuity, even though portability is the ability to conduct business operations from any location at any time. Remote workers can work from anywhere as long as they have access to the Internet as the cloud phone system providers offer free softphone programs that enable staff to use computers, smartphones, and even IP phones as office extensions to place and receive calls, enabling them to work remotely or from home full-time. Furthermore, cloud phone systems make it simple to connect offices that are separated by distance under a single phone system, and the administrator can manage it from anywhere. Additionally, because cloud-based phone systems operate over the Internet, you can work from anywhere at any time using only a reliable Internet connection and a VoIP desk phone.

Integrated communication 

Unified communications combine a wide range of communication options and channels into a single point of access and is simpler and easier to communicate with customers and colleges by allowing users to use their preferred channels. To continue the conversation while team members are away from the computer or web-based softphone while you are on a call, for example, forward the call to your mobile phone. Few service providers provide advantages for better collaboration, such as presence, CRM integration, instant messaging, and more. With the UCaaS strategy, the agents and remote teams will perform and produce more efficiently because they will have access to all communication-related data in one place which help your representatives better understand the problems that customers face in addition to knowing what steps have already been taken and what needs to be done to provide the best response.

simple and quick installation

Because there is no need to install anything other than IP phones at the place of business, a cloud phone system can be set up quickly as VoIP phone systems only require the installation of IP phones by your initial needs, in contrast to traditional phone systems, which demand the purchase and installation of a variety of equipment to even get started, quickly expanding the infrastructure as your company grows in the future.

When you choose a cloud phone system, in addition to making and receiving calls like you would with a regular phone system, you will be able to complete a variety of different communication tasks thanks to the sophisticated capabilities that the system has.

Strong features

Some of the most crucial features of a cloud phone system include call queuing, auto-attendant, call routing, call recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), voicemail to mail, call barging, power dialer, screen sharing, video conferencing, and other features will undoubtedly increase your productivity and aid in the growth of your company.

Ideal for start-up companies:

Due to the lack of expensive hardware requirements and high maintenance and repair costs, cloud PBX is less expensive than conventional PBX systems that are hosted inside companies.

It improves adaptability.

Users are not restricted by location because your business operates whether or not your employees are in the office, as long as they have a reliable internet connection.

Grow more, spend less 

These options make it easy for small businesses to grow without worrying about the logistics.

Cloud-based phone system drawbacks

Cloud phone systems have two main drawbacks: they require adequate and dependable internet access, and network delay is a possibility.

 The main disadvantage of a cloud-based system is that because of how dependent its entire operation is on the internet, it would always require a strong internet connection. Therefore, your performance and productivity will be impacted if the internet connection is shaky or inconsistent so businesses shouldn’t choose cloud phone solutions or live in a remote area without reliable internet access. Regardless of whether customers reside in an urban or rural area, make sure your internet service provider offers dependable internet access at a respectable speed.

System latency

As is common knowledge, cloud phone systems convert voice calls into data packets at the sender’s end, send those packets over the network, and then convert the data packets back into voice at the recipient’s end. Any break in this process will cause communication to become jittery, which will lower the quality of VoIP calls and it’s possible for the recipient to receive a garbled or delayed message, making it more challenging to decipher the specifics of what was said during the call. However, because of the system architecture and algorithmic capabilities of reputable cloud phone service providers like Vitel global communications to significantly reduce latency, you shouldn’t be concerned about it.


 Because cloud telephony relies on the internet for power, it is susceptible to hacking, the risk can be reduced if the provider uses the most cutting-edge and efficient VoIP security techniques to safeguard both the transit and storage of data.

Insufficient Bandwidth

Businesses using cloud PBX must have a high bandwidth internet connection because call quality (HD) is affected by the bandwidth of your internet connection.


VoIP phone systems are being used more frequently by companies of all sizes. Thanks to hosted VoIP solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprise-grade options, customers now have access to never-before-seen levels of flexibility and dependability in terms of phone systems. It’s never too late to switch to these platforms because businesses may benefit from them. Read reviews of cloud business phone systems to figure out which is the best choice among the ones offered.

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By using its channels, it offers your company several advantages that improve communication, and one of the best and leading cloud PBX service providers that benefit your business is VITEL GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS, which is mentioned below:

• Since it supports remote extensions, you can work from anywhere and earn money.

• Only spend money on necessities so that when using this virtual phone system, you only have to pay the monthly fees for your ISP.

• Increased Bandwidth Usage: A VoIP PBX is advantageous for a company because it makes the most of the bandwidth it already has available and enables the reduction and elimination of pointless speech to boost productivity.

• Outstanding audio quality: This cloud-based PBX system also has the benefit of offering calls with clear speech, enabling users to speak with internal and external parties quickly.

• Functioning safely: The providers use cutting-edge security techniques to safeguard an enterprise’s communications and data security while lowering security concerns, and it also supports instant messaging.

• Innovative aspects are perfect for both small and large teams and are especially beneficial for teamwork because they offer automated attendants and call forwarding.

• It supports mobile devices and has efficient conference calling features.

• The business’s operations are streamlined and integrated with other commercial systems through adaptation to other commercial systems.

• VoIP PBX systems may enable access to unified communications services for businesses.

• Businesses can handle their communications more efficiently thanks to a variety of communication channels, including voice over internet protocol (VoIP) chat, analog phone calls, online conferences, voicemail, faxes, and email.

Even though the phone system has powerful features and is still reasonably priced, VoIP technology is the most cost-effective choice if your company needs extensive call management.

• Multitasking: The phone system also supports multitasking, making it possible to send images, documents, and movies while participating in a global conversation. It might also be a more cost-effective option if your company frequently makes long-distance calls because you won’t need to invest in phones and infrastructure for business communications.

• Use your preferred device to access: Since a mobile device can be used to access VoIP phone system features, this service is accessible from anywhere.

• Internet-based voice communication is made possible by installing the VoIP application on a computer or smartphone.

• Enables modifications or customizations: More options for customization are provided to meet the particular needs of your company.

• Possessing strong skills that are helpful when working remotely: Employees can continue to use the office phone system, which has modern features like conference calling, auto-attendant, and quick video calling that can improve teamwork while working remotely and further reduce costs.

• A small business may not have a permanent location at first or may want to expand, but thanks to hosted PBX, moving to a new location is fairly easy since no large equipment is needed.

• Even if your company expands, switching to a new phone system won’t be too challenging because, with a simple subscription upgrade, the address and phone number for the new location will be added.

• In the event of a natural disaster, you will always have a backup copy of your data if you store it in the cloud.

• Because cloud-based phone systems are shielded by various levels of security, they are still operable in the event of a natural disaster.

• Calls can be easily routed to these departments using an IVR system, providing your customers with both a self-service option and an efficient routing method.

• If your business has numerous divisions, locations, or both, a VoIP phone system is the best choice because it offers as many extensions as your company needs without the IT hassles that traditional phone systems demand.

• Increasing a company’s output by giving it the necessary tools without using heavy machinery

• They give your agents the best customer service, a simple platform to use, and a dependable way for management to monitor all activity.


• Assistance with branch offices

• Accessory remotes

• A receptionist online

• Call-tracking

• Reports

• Faxing using VoIP

• Real-time operator panel based on Flash

• Telephone conference

• Call redirection

• Payment

• Auto attendant In conclusion, utilizing VITEL GLOBAL’s cloud PBX services allow your business to streamline its operational processes for a positive user experience for both customers and employees. To find out more, what is a cloud PBX exactly, and how does it work?

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