Top 6 Most Awaited Game Titles in 2023

What are the top 6 most anticipated video games of 2023? Are you an avid enthusiast who cannot wait for the release of the newest video games? Do you wish to remain ahead of the curve and know which video games will be worth the wait in 2023? We’ve compiled a list of the 6 most anticipated video games of 2023 that you cannot afford to miss.

1. Elden Ring


Elden Ring is a forthcoming action role-playing game developed by From Software, the developer responsible for the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. The game’s story and mythology are being written by renowned author George R.R. Martin in collaboration with the game’s developers.

Elden Ring promises the same difficult gameplay that fans of From Software’s previous titles have come to expect. In a vast open world, players will explore a dark, fantastical world populated by deadly creatures and ancient ruins. The design of bosses will make sure that players try their hardest to stay alive and defeat them successfully. It is anticipated that the game’s combat system will be just as difficult as its antecedents, with an emphasis on strategic swordplay and magical abilities.

2. God of War: Ragnarok


God of War: Ragnarok is the eagerly awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 video game God of War. The game continues the narrative of Kratos and his son Atreus as they navigate the perils of Norse mythology from where its predecessor left off.

Ragnarok, the apocalyptic event in Norse mythology that signifies the end of the universe, is the setting of the game. As a result, players can anticipate a darker, more ominous tone compared to the original game.

God of War: Ragnarok is expected to build upon the strengths of its predecessor, featuring engaging combat, stunning visuals, and a profound and emotional narrative. In the game’s reveal trailer, Kratos and Atreus battled Thor, one of the most recognizable figures from Norse mythology. Fans anxiously anticipate what new dangers and challenges the game’s world will present.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


The 2017 release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shook the gaming industry. It was praised for its open-world design, gorgeous graphics, and engaging gameplay. Fans have been anxiously anticipating the release of its sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, so this is not surprising.

Tears of the Kingdom will introduce new gameplay mechanics, adversaries, and characters to the game’s already expansive open world, which is set in the same universe as its predecessor. The game’s reveal trailer depicted Link and Zelda investigating a mysterious underground cavern, suggesting a potentially darker and more sinister plot.

4. Starfield


Starfield is a forthcoming science fiction role-playing game from Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. The release of the game, which has been in development for several years, is scheduled for 2023.

Bethesda created a wholly new universe for Starfield, with an emphasis on exploration and discovery. The players will assume the character of space explorers, charting the uncharted depths of space and uncovering the secrets of a vanished civilization.

Starfield’s promise of immersive gameplay is one of the game’s most enticing characteristics. Bethesda has stated that the game’s expansive, open world will be explorable at the player’s discretion. The world of the game is said to be exceedingly detailed, with a focus on realism and immersion.

5. Fable


The renowned Fable RPG series has been dormant for several years. In 2023, however, the series will return with a brand-new game from Playground Games, the creators of the popular Forza Horizon series.

The new Fable game promises to return players to the fantasy and magic-filled world of Albion. The game will feature an entirely open world with an emphasis on player choice and exploration.

The promise of a dynamic universe that alters based on the player’s decisions is one of the most exciting aspects of the new Fable game. Based on the player’s actions, the game will incorporate a morality system that will affect the world and the plot. This lends an additional layer of complexity and replayability to the game, allowing players to shape the world as they see fit.

6. Granny


The indie horror game Granny was developed and published by DVloper as part of the Slenderina series. A protagonist without a name is confined in a house for five days and must solve puzzles while avoiding a malicious “Granny” in order to escape.

The concept of Room Escape games is not new, but recently, these games have incorporated a point-and-click interface, allowing the player to take as much time as they need to explore the environment, acquire items, and solve hostage-holding puzzles. While Granny is also based on the idea of resolving a complex inventory problem in order to escape, the horror element makes it a lot of fun to play.

This time, you have five days to make your escape. These “days” are more similar to a lives system than a strict time limit. Therefore, each day is as long as you desire, terminating only if you are mortally wounded or captured by Granny. Note, however, that these flaws are cumulative: every day, the player’s character becomes weakened and more damaged. On the second day, they will begin to limp, and by the end, your blood will obscure your vision slightly. The five-day limit is a consequence of being beaten so severely that you cannot withstand another strike.

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