What does purenudism mean? Should we promote purenudism?

“Purenudism” is the term that describes that we should live without clothes like we were born. Many people consider it natural to live without clothes. Purenudism generally focuses on freedom and connection with nature. We are all born without clothes then we should we need clothes? People who practice purenudism usually live in areas marked as private places. Although it is not common yet still many people believe that we should follow nature and live accordingly without wearing any clothes.

History of purenudism

As already discussed that the term refers to living nude like we were born. If we talk about the history of purenudism, we will be surprised to know that people like to live nude in ancient times on different occasions. In many countries, people took baths in open places without wearing any clothes. Similarly, all the athletes in the first Olympics were nude and there was no shame to live nude at that time. Furthermore, in many fields of life, people were allowed to live nude without any fear or shame. Even still in 2023, many countries in the world promote purenudism. As they believe that in this way we can live in the way of nature. Still, there are many places where you can spend time completely nude without any issues.

Should we promote purenudism in 2023?

Promoting nudity is very hard these days and is also not allowed in many religions. As it is not considered as good to come out without wearing any clothes. Many people believe that promoting nudity is like promoting pornography and they don’t like it. But still, in many European countries, it is allowed and accepted to live without clothes. To promote nudity, you must be confident, strong, and honest. Furthermore, if the Government allowed promotion nudity in any area, then you should promote it, otherwise, you should follow the rules of the state.


Benefits of nudity

Although it is not considered good to come out in public without wearing any clothes still there are many benefits of living nude. For example, if you are at home and want to spend some time with your partner, you can live nude the whole day to enjoy accordingly. You can have better sleep and many other health benefits. There are many more but below are some main advantages of purenudism.

  • Good for skin
  • Better sleep
  • Good against heart attack
  • Improve your confidence
  • Improve your immune system
  • Good against stress and tension
  • Comfort and freedom
  • Entertainment
  • Self-acceptance
  • Good connection with nature
  • Improve your overall health

Purenudism or nudity is a practice to live according to nature. Now it is up to you, how you can improve your overall body by living nude at home or places where allowed being nude.

Drawbacks of nudity or purenudism

It is important to know that nudity cannot be promoted very easily. Many people believe that nudity is linked with pornography and therefore they hate nudity or purenudism. It is vital to practice this term very carefully to avoid any issues. The following are some drawbacks of living nude.

  • Privacy issues
  • Limited participations
  • Vulnerability issues
  • You can get arrested
  • Negative impact on other people who don’t like purenudism
  • Emotional discomfort
  • Other people can judge you in the wrong way
  • Sensitive to temperature in hot areas
  • Unwanted attention from others
  • Many more

There are also many other drawbacks of being nude as per country and Government laws about nudity.

Final words

Although purenudism is an old practice but still in 2023 many people prefer to live nude.  People believe we are born nude and should live nude to follow nature. If you want to practice it, it is very important to consider your safety, comfort, and rules of Government before practicing nudity in any area of the world. In this way, you can enjoy purenudism and can get maximum benefits.

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