What is Nuru Massage? Why it is still famous in 2023?

Do you wish to spice up your life with a sensual and intimate massage experience? If so, you should try nuru massage. Nuru massages are the latest in erotic massage treatments and they are growing in popularity around the world. The Nuru Massage is a smooth full-body massage using organic seaweed gel for a luxurious and exciting intimacy. It’s designed to help relieve stress and increase physical relaxation, but it can also be an incredibly sensual and stimulating experience.

If you’re curious about what a Nuru massage is all about, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we discuss the history of this unique practice, the benefits it offers, how to prepare for your first Nuru massage session, and more. The following are more details about it.

What is Nuru Massage?

Nuru massage is an exotic erotic massage that originated in Japan and has spread around the world. It involves the masseuse and the client getting naked while they both glide over each other’s body with nuru gel, a special gel made from seaweed extract. This highly sensual massage style is sure to tease your senses!

Nuru Massage
Nuru Massage

The goal of a Nuru massage is to increase sexual arousal in both partners and to provide an intimate experience involving full-body massage ont act. Unlike traditional massage, Nuru massage involves more direct stimulation and skin contact in action for a more sensual experience. The smooth gel also helps reduce friction, allowing for easier movement and providing a unique feel.

Nuru massages can be booked at licensed massage parlors, but advance booking is recommended to ensure you get the experience you want. Depending on the agency you choose, they may offer different services and experiences, from a more sensual tantric experience to basic relaxation. So be sure to do your research beforehand!

Oils that we can use in Nuru Massage

When it comes to Nuru massage, specialized massage oils or gels are required. Most of the time, this oil is made using a combination of a carrier oil (such as almond oil) and body lotion. Essential oils can also be added to the mix; lavender is often used to calm and reduce stress, while peppermint helps soothe tired and sore muscles.

However, coconut oil is quickly becoming the most popular choice when it comes to Nuru massage. Not only is it 100% natural, but it melts quickly into skin contact when applied to the skin, and the antioxidants found in coconut oil are beneficial for skin health and complexion. The lauric acid in coconut oil also helps reduce inflammation, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

A Nuru massage is an incredibly intimate and sensual experience, perfect for couples looking to rejuvenate their relationship. It offers a wealth of health benefits, including increased libido and erotic sensitivity, as well as pain relief and the release of toxins from the body.

Nuru Massage

This is due to the full-body contact action during the massage, in which one partner applies a smooth gel made from natural seaweed onto his or her partner’s skin, followed by slow, sensual movements over the entire body. This touch opens every nerve end, enticing everyone to a sense of pleasure and relaxation. Below are some main advantages of this unique massage.

  1. Good against anxiety and depression
  2. Good against pains
  3. Improves blood circulation
  4. Improve skin health
  5. Improve sexual relationships
  6. Can improve the bond between partners
  7. Improve your confidence in the bedroom
  8. Good for the immune system
  9. Improve sleep quality
  10. Improve skin tone
  11. Good for all ages people
  12. Increase energy levels
  13. Improve recovery from injuries
  14. Good for mental health
  15. Many more

This type of massage can boost your libido, make you more sensitive to your partner’s touch, and temporarily lower stress levels in your life. In general, couples who have this type of massage enjoy it very much – no wonder Nuru massage is becoming more and more popular in the bedroom!

How does a Nuru Massage work?

When you book a Nuru massage, expect a unique experience like no other. It’s more than a massage – it’s an intimate and sensual journey into deep pleasure.

Typically, the masseuse will start the session by pouring the Nuru gel onto the bed or massage table and then onto herself. Made from Japanese seaweed, the gel is very smooth and helps massage into the skin. Once you’re ready to begin, the masseuse will begin massaging your body with their own, using long strokes and pressure points to stimulate your erogenous zones.

Masseuses can also use other items like feathers and furs to further enhance your experience. Your session should last around an hour, with plenty of time to relax at the end so you can enjoy all the fun!\

Tips for a Nuru massage session

When booking a Nuru massage session, preparation is an important part of having an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Choose the right place

You must make sure to book your session from a reputable massage parlor that offers certified masseuses and ensures a safe environment. Doing your research ahead of time can help you find the best position and enjoy your massage with confidence.

Consider timing

It is recommended to book your session well in advance to avoid disappointment and to ensure that you allow plenty of time for a leisurely shower or soak as part of the relaxation process. This also gives you the opportunity to choose the right masseur who will give you the perfect massage experience tailored to your needs.

Wear comfortably

Choosing comfortable clothing is probably the best option when heading to a nuru massage class, as some massages require you to be completely nude, while others may require certain modifications to your clothing depending on the technique and massage oil used. So make sure whatever you wear will keep you comfortable in any situation.

How to choose the right masseur for your ideal experience?

Quality is key when booking a massage. Ask as many questions as you can to make sure you have the right masseur for your ideal experience.

First, ask your masseur how relaxed you were at the end of your session. This will set expectations and help you choose the right masseuse to provide that level of relaxation.

Nuru means “slippery” in Japanese, and so does the massage itself. Look for a therapist who uses vegetable oils for less friction and a more pleasurable experience.

When speaking with a therapist, make sure they understand what kind of massage you want. Use soft coded language, such as sensual, relaxing, or therapeutic, rather than sexual language that could lead to uncomfortable situations.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask questions about licensing and certification before making your final decision. Any erotic experience requires a certified professional, so ask about credentials and make sure you’re professional before booking.

Tips for an Unforgettable Nuru Massage Experience

To ensure you get the most out of your Nuru massage experience, here are some tips to help you:


Before your massage, it’s important to get ready to shower and cleanse your body. This helps create a comfortable environment and ensures that the Nuru Gel spreads evenly and smoothly onto your skin.

Stay hydrated

A Nuru massage involves a lot of contact between the masseur and you, which can leave you feeling sweaty and dehydrated. To ensure you remain relaxed throughout the session, it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Keep some water on hand so you can sip if you need it.

Enjoy every moment

This is a highly erotic experience and should be pampered. Allow yourself to relax, forget about everything else, and enjoy the moment. If som eth if you feel uncomfortable, tell your masseur right away, as they will be more than happy to adjust techniques to what works best for you.

Final words

A Nuru massage is an erotic massage experience like no other. It’s intimate and sensual and allows for the ultimate exploration of pleasure. While the experience can be intimidating at first, it can be an incredibly enjoyable and memorable experience for both parties involved.

The keys to a successful Nuru massage are communication and safety. Before starting a massage, be sure to discuss boundaries, expectations, and desired intensity with your masseur. Relaxation is also key. Take some time to soak up the experience, enjoy being pampered, and take some time to explore your body.

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