CenturyPromise Means CenturyPly Warranty

Plywoods make most of the house’s interior, including furniture, cupboards, beds, etc. However, with increasing demand for plywood, various fake plywood has also cropped up like mushrooms. This has made it difficult to figure out the top-quality plywood among the plethora of options available.

Moreover, all the plywoods look and feel similar externally, but they differ in quality, specifications, and authenticity. So, when selecting plywood, ensure to do proper research because there is a high possibility of getting hoaxed by fake sellers.

You might wonder if there is any way to differentiate between the original and fake plywood. And our answer is yes. You can differentiate and verify the quality of the plywood using an app.

Yes, you heard me right. CenturyPly is the first plywood brand to launch an app named CenturyPromise, which allows customers to check the standard and quality of the plywood. If you are still skeptical, here is more about the CenturyPromise application and how it can be a boon to you.

Steps to download the application

It is straightforward to download the CenturyPromise app. The first step is to install the application on your smartphone from the google play apple play store. The CenturyPromise app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Each CenturyPly product has a QR code that you can scan using the application on your phone to verify its authenticity.

Apart from this scan feature, the CenturyPromise app is also equipped with all the minute details about the product, including the details about the factory where the plywood is manufactured, and thus ensures credibility to its consumers. If you purchase from the company, you can access the product’s e-warranty certificate through this app.

This app is for everyone from contractors to dealers and customers to retailers. Customers can use this app to cross-check the quality of the plywood purchased and even get a hold of the e-warranty certificate. By switching on the notification button in the app, they can stay updated with the latest sale, promotions, discounts, and offers. This app allows the dealers to maintain transparency about the quality of the CenturyPly products with the customer, thus building trust.

Features of the Application

Plywoods are expensive stuff, and thus quality assurance before making the purchase becomes imperative. And also, no one wants to waste their hard-earned money on cheap quality products.

If you are worried about getting scammed while buying plywood, you can download the CenturyPromise app. This app will save you from getting duped by fraud sellers, and we have listed all the benefits that this app offers.

  • View the product details:

Each product of CenturyPly is different and has different specifications. Once you register your mobile number and set a password on the app, you can scan the QR code printed on each product of CenturyPly and learn about every minute detail, such as size, product name, thickness, unique code, plant name, etc. You can also check the product’s status to know about its authenticity.

  • Analyze the product code history:

This app has a feature where you can access the history of the previous scanned product. The app stores every scan you perform so that you can access it later when needed.

  • Download the e-warranty certificate:

Once you are satisfied with the quality and get all the information about the product, you can download the e-warranty certificate from the app to save it as proof of authentication. If you make multiple purchases, you can download an e-warranty certificate for each of them simultaneously and separately for future reference.

The bottom line

Determining the quality of the plywood is a bare minimum to achieve the maximum value of your spending. High-quality plywood increases the life expectancy of the furniture and gives it a polished look. Thus, the CenturyPromise application is available to ensure you get the best.

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