Steps To Enable Diversity And Workplace Flexibility

Managing diversity successfully means creating an environment that values and utilises the contributions of different people. This enables you to attract and retain the best talent and improve employee satisfaction and productivity. This is critical to better decisions being made and developing more innovative business solutions to improve the success of the company through improved client service.

To achieve a diverse workforce, you should be committed to fostering a workplace culture that is welcoming, celebrates diversity and is accommodating. This means that you need to treat all people with dignity and respect and adopt organisational methods and systems of work which promote inclusivity.

Service to your customers

The diversity of your workforce should reflect your customers and the diverse communities you work with every day.

Gender equality

Women and men have a right to equal participation in the workplace. Gender equality ensures that all employees have access to equal opportunities in developing their careers in a workplace free from bias.

Remuneration and reward

There should be a commitment to equal pay for equal work and reward people fairly. Accordingly, you should seek to ensure that there is no direct or indirect wage discrimination towards or against different employees.

Supporting flexible working

Your focus should be on having an agile work environment where every person can thrive. There should be commitment to provide opportunities for employees through flexible working arrangements for a fixed period or on an ongoing basis.

Recruitment and promotion

Diversity should be actively promoted during the recruitment and promotions processes by applying the companies’ values. Accordingly, performance should be measured against agreed objectives to promote equitable outcomes in terms of recognition and/or reward.


The company should provide training on diversity, in addition to discrimination, harassment, bullying and code of conduct. This training is designed to raise awareness and encourage behaviour that supports a work environment that embraces diversity.

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