How do Electric Bicycles Work – Everything You Need to Know!

Across many parts of the world, bicycles are the most preferred medium for travelling short distances. And, with the innovation of electric bicycles, travelling has become more fun and thrilling. The e-bicycles have taken over the convenience of cars and have raised the economy of bicycles globally. Furthermore, many bicycles in the market are now within the common man’s budget. Depending on your need and preferable features, you can get an e-cycle according to your needs at a better price. 

Advantages of an e-Bicycle

  • Easy Pedalling

Since e-bicycles are powered by batteries, when it comes to pedalling, a throttle is used to help you in the act of pedalling. Pushing on a pedal-assisted bicycle makes a small motor work that boosts cycling in rough terrains without trouble. In simple words, an e-bicycle makes every pedal more powerful while providing an easy cruise even when your legs do the work.

  • Speed

On an e-bicycle, the harder you pedal, the bigger the boost increasing your speed. An e-bike is faster than a regular bicycle, but at the same time, they are not motorcycling. You will not exceed a certain speed limit, but you will go fast enough to save time on your commute while enjoying your surroundings.

Important Parts of an Electric Bicycle

  • Batteries

Your smart e-cycle comes with large battery packs, generally placed between the wheels on your cycle’s frame. In an electric bicycle, batteries are the most crucial since they drive you from one place to another. Theoretically, a bicycle can work on any battery; in reality, the best kind of battery is not too heavy but also has a high amount of power.

As a result, heavy lead-acid batteries are not the best choice for an electric bicycle. But most electric bicycles today use lightweight lithium-ion batteries. These kinds of batteries are expensive, but they also perform better.

  • Frame

The main aspect of the frame of an electric bicycle is generally made out of a light aluminium alloy. Overall, a bicycle’s weight depends on the frame’s weight. The frame’s weight also influences the distance you travel before charging your batteries. Moreover, in an electric bicycle, there have to be strong spokes on the bicycles. It is because an electric motor with higher torque spins the cycle wheel, and the torque could buckle or bend the spokes if they are lightweight.

  • Electric motor

Most electric bicycles have motors built either into the hub of their front wheel or the back. But there are more ways to power the wheels of your electric bicycle than just using the hub motors. There is another way of powering the electric bicycles innovated by a company that used a motorised drive roller to press the inner rim of a bicycle again. This pressure would then power the battery pack and sit entirely inside the wheel of the bicycle.

  • Brakes

An important part of a high-speed electric cycle is the brakes. It has been claimed some electric bicycles use a particular braking system called regenerative braking. When you start driving downhill or pedalling your bicycle, the spinning wheels reverse your electric motor to charge your batteries. From this, it has been observed that on an electric bicycle, regenerative braking is not the most efficient. Still, it also varies between bicycles on which technology of brakes would be the most efficient.

How are electric bicycles good for the environment?

Electric bicycles are infinitely better for the environment than petrol-powered cars. But, this way of transportation is not entirely the most effective either. An electric bicycle still uses some energy, whose source can be questionable and may not be environmentally driven. The point remains that compared to many other means of transportation, an e-cycle is still a better alternative that helps our environment be a healthier and cleaner space.


There are several advantages to riding electric bicycles, and considering their rising growth, this form of transportation is here to stay. But, while using your e-cycle, you need to know about its parts, advantages, and environmental impact. It helps you make the correct decision about which electric bicycle is best for you.

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