A Reality Revolution Is Here!

Back in the 80s, who would have thought smartphones would be so common? Who would have imagined that video calling and facetime would be a thing of the future? And yet, here we are! Face timing, video calling, and doing almost everything through our smartphones. Likewise, Virtual Reality is the undisputed technology of the future.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, or VR as it is popularly known, is an artificial environment generated using computers. The environment is made to appear so natural that the user feels immersed in the surroundings. This technology has been used to learn, grow, explore, entertain, and have fun.
This technology, when paired with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, has the potential to bring about a revolution in the scientific world.

How Does It Work?

Have you ever played a VR game or watched a VR movie in one of those 4D and 7D theatres? If yes, you would know that this technology requires you to wear a headset, a goggle, a glove, etc. These gears have sensors in them. For example, the sensors in a VR headset capture your eye and face movements. Those in the gloves catch even your minute hand and finger movements. It also makes use of Spatial Audio. 

Furthermore, it gives you the feeling of being present somewhere when you are not. Your movements and gestures are detected and transferred to the virtual world. An artificial stimulus replaces your actual surroundings. Therefore, when you choose a VR roller coaster ride, you get the experience of actually being on the ride. 

Categories of Virtual Reality

There are three categories of virtual reality. They are as follows:

  • Non-immersive simulation: Non-immersive simulations can be seen in your regular video games. You use a keyboard, mouse, gun, joystick, or gamepad to play a game. 

  • Semi-immersive simulation: Mainly used in the field of education, this semi-immersive simulation lets you be a part of the virtual world while still being aware of your real surroundings. For example, a flight simulator. 

  • Fully immersive simulation: This is the technology primarily used in the gaming and filming industries. This technology lets you fully immerse yourself in the virtual world. It uses sensors, high-end graphics, 3D effects, and spatial audio. For this fully immersive experience, the user requires special headsets or goggles. 

What are the applications of Virtual Reality?

Even though the technology is widely used for entertainment and gaming purposes, it is not limited to that. Virtual reality is also used in healthcare facilities, tourism, and the automobile industry. 

The tourism industry used teleport bays to give their customers the experience of travelling to exotic locations. Doing so was particularly useful during the pandemic. Even in the world of architecture, VR technology is used to test prototypes and designs. Doing so saves a lot of time, money, and resources. 

The online industry is also making full use of virtual reality technology. You must have seen several VR options on e-commerce websites. Companies provide virtual access to customers so that they can look and feel the products before buying. For example, many furniture products have the option of how it fits and looks in your space. 

Slowly but steadily this technology is moving into sectors like the military, sports, fashion, and communications as well.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Games

While regular video games can be good exercise for the brain, VR games can give more benefits. The following are some:

  • Realistic: Virtual reality technology quite literally puts you into the game. It makes the experience more realistic. 

  • Exercise: Because it requires your physical motions, you burn more calories. You cannot play sitting on the couch for hours. 

  • Overcome phobias: When you know the game is not real, you will no longer be scared by your fears. You face your phobias in the virtual world and overcome them in the real world.


Virtual reality is the reality of the future. Even though it has a lot of scope in other sectors, it is mainly used in the entertainment and gaming industry. VR gaming is a hit among young and adults alike. Even with gaming consoles available in the market, gaming arenas receive a lot of crowds. There are many entertainment places in Gurgaon, but few offer the best VR experience. 

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