Best Laptops for Students – From Elementary to College

When browsing through laptops for students, your needs might differ based on the level of schooling you are in. Getting a laptop suitable for every need may be challenging, but finding one becomes easier when you already know all your needs and what would be the most efficient for you. 

Based on the different price ranges and preferences, you can choose a laptop that best suits your needs depending on your schooling. For instance, if you are a college student, you would need a much more advanced system to accommodate your course. 

Best Laptops for Elementary School 

Depending on the needs, your child may be more comfortable using a system with a touchscreen. Younger students find it easier to use a touchscreen than a touchpad and keyboard. At the same time, when attending online classes, it is important to have a keyboard for putting in the meeting codes and passwords. 

Similarly, if you are considering getting your child a laptop, it is better to get one with a lot of storage. Elementary school children have a habit of filling their laptops with games, but at the same time, they require the laptop to attend their different lessons. 

One important aspect is the audio quality, regardless of the device you get. Every kid‘s lessons require good audio and battery life to boost their learning. With student laptops, it is also necessary to focus on durability. Durability is an investment in a children’s device for the future. 

Best Laptop for Middle School 

Middle school students generally require laptops for browsing and web-based schoolwork. At this level, the top priority is a device that is easy and comfortable for your child. A study was conducted on the different devices that children may need to get their schoolwork done, and it was found that a budget laptop works well as a laptop for education purposes

At this stage, what your child may need is a laptop with a comfortable keyboard. Even though middle school children are not habituated to typing for longer periods, it is still required to have a device that is easy and compact for them to carry with their work. Such a feature would especially be required for in-person schooling. 

Best Laptops for High School

High school is a point in every student’s life where devices are efficiently required to complete all class assignments. But at the same time, the devices must also be based on the student’s interests. As a student, you would need the device you are familiar with. Using an Android device could make you more comfortable with a Chromebook. 

At the same time, high school does not require a complicated device. Such devices can often be overwhelming. As a result, you can get a device that is simple to use and meets your basic needs related to the device. 

A feature that can be very important to you is the device’s portability. Often you would have to attend classes in person. For such a purpose, you would need to carry a device. Hence, you can use a lighter model with a 13 to 15-inch screen. 

The other important features include sturdiness and battery life. Generally, high school students are always in a rush and dump the laptop in the bag without any second thought to head to the next class. In this situation, you would need a device that will not be easily damaged.

Also, you may not always find a place to charge your device when you are in a class. Therefore, you would need something that will last you an entire school day. 

Best Laptops for College Students

As a college student, you can spend a little to get laptops for education. Many STEM courses require advanced devices to get the work done. If you are an Engineering student, you need a device to support and run simulation software. You would also need a laptop that can be used for creative work and gaming. 

Considering that many college students, once they purchase a laptop, expect to use it for years before buying another, you can splurge on devices that bring you the best features. First and foremost, you would need a laptop that is both light and flexible to carry among classes, meetings, from the library, and between meals. 

You would also need good battery life. You can study wherever you want with great battery life without chasing a charging socket. At the same time, your device also needs good audio quality to engage and pay attention in an online class. 


The need for a student laptop varies depending on your level of education. You would need a device to meet your basic needs when you are in classes till high school. But when you are in college, you would need a device with the best features. However, there are common features that persist at every level. These features include battery life, lightweight, storage, effective speaker quality and many more. No matter which device you purchase, these features play the most significant aspects. 

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