What color cushion for gray sofa? 21 decoration ideas

If gray is a favorite color for a sofa, it is often necessary to add some colored cushions to revive a living room. But which colors to choose? For concrete inspiration, here are 22 cushion color ideas for a gray sofa. You will also discover other important criteria related to the choice of the color of your cushions: the style of your sofa, its material and its color, the style of the cushions, their shape, their material and their arrangement between them. As a bonus, some of these decorating ideas come with throw pillow selections so you can replicate these styles at home.

1. A pearl gray designer sofa with two arty beige cushions

If you have a sofa with a trendy design, slightly rounded, in pearl gray velvet, opt for cushions in white or cream cotton with beige, vintage orange or brick red patterns. Prefer thick embroidery patterns reminiscent of abstract art, they give a sophisticated and warm touch.

2. A light gray corner sofa with lots of cushions in pop colors

For a corner sofa upholstered in light gray polyester fabric, you can fill a corner with around ten medium-sized cushions in pop or pastel colours. Arrange them in successive layers starting from the corner of the sofa. Highlight the prints you like the most. By multiplying the colors, you will obtain a fresh and light pop style.

3. A light gray rounded sofa with just two beige designer cushions

The light gray upholstery of your sofa can also go perfectly with beige cushions. Regarding the amount of cushions, be minimalist. One or two cushions are enough to decorate the rounded sofas which are already very sophisticated. This also allows you to better appreciate the design of the sofa. Finally, choose designer cushions, such as a ball cushion. It will enhance the charisma of your rounded gray sofa.

4. A mouse gray corner sofa and cushions in warm colors

To give a warm and welcoming tone to your mouse gray sofa, use cushions in burgundy red and rusty orange. A minority of creamy white cushions will then bring a little light. Velvet will be the preferred material for a rendering that is not only soft, but above all elegant.

5. A dark gray daybed sofa with dusty pink cushions

First option for your dark gray sofa: precious cocooning with powder pink cushions. Do not hesitate to mix the materials: knit, velvet, sheepskin… Arrange them freely to give a warm and relaxed look.

6. The same dark gray sofa, sober bohemian version

Second option for your dark gray sofa: cream white, black and gray cushions. Dark colors will give a more classic look. To avoid an austere style, use cushions with tufted cotton. The whole will be both serious and relaxed.

7. A gray-beige sofa with 2 white and beige cushions on each side

The color of your sofa is a kind of gray close to beige? Take the opportunity to install beige cushions! For a brighter touch, also add white cushions. Make two pairs (beige-white and white-beige) and lay at each corner of the armrest and backrest. Effective if you like simplicity.

8. Cushions in neutral colors on a light gray sofa

Neutral shades ranging from white to beige will go wonderfully on a light gray sofa. Lay your cushions on each side and simply leave a small free space in the middle.

9. A shades of pearl gray and olive green

Olive green is also asserting itself as a cushion color for a gray sofa. Cushions in this shade close to khaki will create a sophisticated atmosphere and inspire calm. However, make sure you have a few matching items in your living room. A plaid, a section of wall, a vase or an olive green candlestick nearby will ensure chromatic harmony.

10. Shiny orange art deco pillows on a gray-beige sofa

As a rule, orange cushions will go well with a slightly beige gray sofa. For the choice of style, take cushions close to the style of the sofa. In short: for an art deco sofa, opt for art deco cushions. The material, more shiny, gives a more luxurious appearance. The color is no longer just retro, it takes on very elegant gold highlights.

11. Cushions in the same tone as your gray sofa

To find the cushions that will go perfectly with your gray sofa, there is a very simple solution: cushions in the same shade of gray as the same sofa. With stitching that gives them relief, these cushions in the same tone will catch the eye better.

12. A decorative cushion behind an all-white cushion on a light gray sofa

The right gray sofa cushion color can also be the simplest. Since light gray and white go together easily, apply this always winning combination to your sofa. However, enhance this simple choice by choosing one of the two cushions with an original and discreet print or pattern, beige for example.

13. A set of cushions in shades of blue on a modern pearl gray sofa

On a modern pearl gray sofa, an assortment of velvet cushions in different shades of blue will give a classic, wise and deep charm. For a successful relief effect, find 4 or 5 cushions that run the scale from sky blue to dark blue.

14. A Single Large Burgundy Velvet Cushion

Less expected, the idea of ​​adorning your gray sofa with a large burgundy cushion will warm you up during the fall and the holiday season. By choosing a cushion that overflows slightly from your gray sofa, you will display a balance between generosity and sobriety.

15. Powder pink and beige cushions in a mix of textures and shapes

Powdery pink and creamy white go well with gray. So use these two soft colors on your sofa. Mix the materials: velvet, plush effect cotton… Ditto for the shapes: dare the variations. A small bolster and a wafer cushion will easily find their place next to the classic squares. Your sofa will be more irregular, more lively, more charming.

16. A pink cushion and an orange cushion in all seasons

Whatever shade of gray your sofa is, the combination of pink and orange cushions will give it a bright color cure. Another advantage of this vitamin combination: it will be appreciated in all seasons.

17. Forest green and white cushions to decorate a mouse gray sofa

If your sofa is slightly dark gray (like mouse grey), the forest green, which is also dark, will remain in the sober tone but will give it more intensity. White, mixed with the pattern of the cushions or plain, will attract more light.

18. Pastel Velvet Cushions for a Light Gray Sofa

A light gray sofa can also accommodate an assortment of pastel colored throw pillows. Bring out the softness of these shades by opting for velvet throw pillows. Your living room will be delicately revived.

19. Cushions with tropical plant prints

No matter what shade of gray your couch has, cushions with tropical plant prints will liven it up without extravagance. With two other cushions in a solid fir green color, your living room will appear more intense.

20. A multi-sized set of cushions to match the material of the sofa

It’s an obvious option, certainly, but it had to be reminded (by adding some tricks). To avoid any bad taste, the best cushion color for gray sofa would be… exactly the same with the same covering! However, this idea deserves to be fleshed out:

  1. First tip: to prevent this monochromatic style from becoming monotonous, vary the cushion sizes. Your sofa will take on a generous relief.
  2. Second tip: to find these monochrome cushions, check with the manufacturer of your sofa. For example, Homary offers the option of purchasing matching cushions separately.

21. A charcoal gray and bluish green mix in velvet

Are you looking for cushions that go well with an anthracite gray sofa? Opt for cushions in a dark bluish green. Also note that you will get a similar effect with duck blue or petrol blue.

In summary: what color(s) of cushion on a gray sofa?

It all depends on the shade of gray of your sofa. Thus, with a light gray sofa, opt for cream white, beige, powder pink, pastel colours, bright colors with pop prints or sage green. With an anthracite gray sofa, choose bluish green cushions, in shades of blue (petroleum blue or duck blue), or white and green with plant prints. Also remember that the style, material and arrangement of the cushions are just as important so that they blend well with your gray sofa.

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