How Come Herm Sprenger Collars Are Superior?

We are aware that some people shiver at the sight of a herms Sprenger prong collar because it appears cruel. Purely positive or force-free dog trainers pay a lot of attention to prong collar training. Some trainers think the prong collar should be outlawed because it is inhumane.

Prong collars: Are They Cruel?

Are prong collars, however, cruel? The debate over prong collars is actual. But before making judgments, we should all be aware of the reality behind herm Sprenger prong collar. Most likely, the reason you’re reading this is that your dog pulls on the lead, is leash-reactive, or is otherwise difficult for you to handle when wearing a lead.

The truth is that when worn properly, a prong collar will NOT injure your dog and is the most gentle form of training there is. Many people have never seen a prong or pinch collar properly applied for dog training. Until learning about prong collars a few years back, I had never personally used one. The prong collar, often called a pinch collar, has transformed the lives of so many dog owners. Simply scroll down to see a few of the comments left by folks who have used the prong collar and are willing to share their insights.

What Is The Function Of A Prong Collar?

We strongly advise you to work with a qualified dog trainer to understand the right use, technique, and sizing of a prong collar before you go out and buy one and put it on your dog. You don’t just put it on and take your dog on a walk while they tug and constantly correct themselves. That won’t accomplish anything other than create a lot of discomfort and confusion and harm the tool’s reputation. It’s not a wand of wizardry! With the help of herm Sprenger prong collar quick-release, dogs can be taught how to release pressure while developing a very clear awareness of undesirable actions. They help teach dogs basic manners, such as sit, down, and put, as well as how to walk politely on a lead.

Utilize A Premium Prong Collar

It’s critical to choose a sturdy prong collar because a weak one may hurt your dog and risk piercing its skin. Every dog trainer We have uses them says Herm Sprenger prong collars are the best and should be used. Herm Sprenger quick-release prong collar feature blunt tips that do not hurt the dog and a symmetrical middle plate that evenly distributes pressure around the neck. When the dog tugs, the prongs provide negative reinforcement by gently applying pressure to the dog’s neck. For particularly little dogs, the Herm Sprenger might not always be the best choice. In such a case, a Kimberland Collar is what you should employ.

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How Much Time Will My Dog Have To Put Up With The Prong Collar?

There is no simple solution to this question, which is frequently asked by new herms Sprenger prong collar users. Everything depends on the dog you have and how much time you spend training your dog. When we go for walks, we still use a prong collar on Sitka, and we began training in the spring of 2023. We keep working on that heel and wearing the prong collar because he can be pushy and likes to walk in front of us. 

The prong collar helps me avoid situations that can set off his reactivity because he is also leash reactive. We have pals that use flat collars while others have moved to slip leads. Some people alternate between various tools.


  1. Why does Herm Sprenger make the best prong collar?

Herm Sprenger collars feature blunt tips that do not hurt the dog and a symmetrical middle plate that evenly distributes pressure around the neck. When the dog tugs, the prongs provide negative reinforcement by gently applying pressure to the dog’s neck.

  1. Why do prong collars work so well?

The prong collar is based on the idea that even pressure, as opposed to sudden, impactful pressure from a choke chain, consistent, unrelenting pressure from a flat collar, muzzling pressure from a gentle leader, or persistent pulling, is kinder and more effective on a dog’s neck.

  1. Can dogs safely consume Herm Sprenger?

When used correctly, the Herm Sprenger® Stainless Steel Dog Chain Training Collar is a secure and reliable training device. Ideal for teaching your dog correct canine lead manners. The collar is made of premium stainless steel and is made to last so you can train several pets with it over many years.

  1. How long can a dog be restrained with a prong collar?

Use just for an hour at a time. A prong collar is a training tool and is not meant to be worn continuously. It shouldn’t be worn for strolls or other leisurely activities because it is not your dog’s primary collar. Use the collar only during scheduled training sessions for no longer than an hour.

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