5 Games Where Players Fight The Hero At The End

Most people believe that video games include a hero who rescues people in need and vanquishes an evil force determined to end the world, rule it, or satisfy any number of wicked desires. Since it gives a much-needed sense of urgency to the plot, gamers will undoubtedly want to play a game where the destiny of the whole planet depends on their decisions. After all, it’s simple to empathize with the hero in such situations.

However, while this structure was pretty popular for most games, this scenario isn’t absolute for every game. In fact, there are several games where players can actually end up fighting the hero at the end for a variety of reasons, the best examples of which can be found below.


Infamous is an excellent open-world superhero title that needs a remaster sooner rather than later. The title’s fun parkour and electricity powers made for a great time as players bombarded the enemy with a host of shocking powers.

The protagonist, Cole McGrath, ends up fighting a mysterious Conduit called Kessler by the end of the first game. It’s only after defeating this antagonist that players realized his true identity. Kessler was actually Cole from the future who tries to save this world from its doomed fate.


Omori is a tremendous tearjerker, with the psychological trauma not revealing itself until the very end. Sunny, who has been through a lot, chooses to fight back against the embodiment of hatred and self-loathing that he used to withdraw into all the time: Omori himself.

Fighting Omori is a terrifying experience, and players can’t even win against its overwhelming force and impact. It’s only when the player refuses to give in and completes his duet with Mari that this hateful force inside of him vanishes once and for all.

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Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most ambitious sandbox games ever produced, with the community welcoming the changeover to three distinct characters. Franklin seems to be forced to choose between killing Michael and Trevor after a roller-coaster trip full of thrills and turns.

Making one of these two decisions results in Frankin either killing the mad guy who has a past with Michael or killing the man who practically functioned as a mentor of sorts. Of course, seasoned GTA 5 players know that the canon ending is Death Wish, where all three protagonists team up to take out their enemies.

Prototype 2

Prototype 2 is an excellent open-world game in which players may go on a violent rampage by assuming the identities of others and use their morphing abilities to great advantage. One of the most noteworthy aspects of Prototype 2 is that its nemesis is the original game’s hero, Alex Mercer.

Of course, Alex Mercer was not your normal hero, but witnessing him suffer this enormous heel flip is still very shocking. Suffice it to say, this figure acts as the game’s last boss, with his hatred for mankind leading him down a terrible road.

The Last Of Us Part 2

To be honest, there aren’t any heroes or villains in The Last of Us Part 2. People are shaped by their surroundings, and the fundamental idea of this book is on the cycle of violence and how, with a few exceptions, no one is really evil.

Ellie and Abby are both damaged characters who often allow their need for revenge get the best of them. After a vicious fistfight at the conclusion of the game, Ellie chooses to spare Abby and abandon her superhuman quest for vengeance.

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