6 Best Guns In Dead Island 2

Players still have the option to experiment with firearms that also come with their own selection of upgrades and benefits to make them even stronger, even if Dead Island 2 may mostly concentrate on melee weaponry and fighting with a broad variety of bats, hammers, and knives to employ against zombies.

Even though there is less artillery than melee weapons in the game, they are nevertheless just as deadly as their swinging counterparts. There will undoubtedly be a pistol that works for them as they explore Hell-A in Dead Island 2, but these are by far the finest.


The Pistol is another popular weapon that players are likely to encounter during their exploration of Hell-A. The Pistol shoots much quicker than the Sporting Rifle and is more effective at close range, enabling players to take a few good shots at a zombie before switching to their preferred melee weapon to complete the job.

The price of ammo is a major problem with firearms in Dead Island 2, thus it’s best to avoid using them to kill zombies and instead use them to hamper them. A Slayer may eventually collect enough resources to build their own ammunition, but until then, they should use caution.

Nail Gun

Not all guns shoot bullets, but that doesn’t make them any less deadly. Besides the usual pistol or rifle, players are also able to find the infamous Nail Gun to shoot lethal shots straight into a zombie’s head.

The nail gun is surprisingly rarer than any usual gun, but this may be due to how dangerous it actually is in combat. Players are able to attack zombies from a lot closer with this weapon, and hitting them directly to the head is sure to do some intense damage to an unsuspecting creature as it quickly drops them to the ground.

Machine Pistol

While bullets are important, the Machine Pistol, which shoots rounds in rapid succession, will undoubtedly waste a player’s ammo. While this may seem to be a waste of ammunition at the start of the game, towards the finish, players will have all the materials they need to create their own rounds.

Players will eventually locate extra ammunition throughout Hell-A that they may gather and utilize. The Machine Pistol is more suited for killing groups of zombies since its spray has a higher probability of striking numerous at once, particularly if a player fails to aim.


Given to the Slayer after completing the side quest called ‘Creature Comforts’ in Bel-Air, Peggy is an incredible hunting rifle that requires a sharpshooter to make the most of it. As a named weapon, it’s essentially a Sporting Rifle with better style.

However, with it already having the perk High Caliber equipped, Peggy is suitable for knocking down its foes with lethal damage though this does make handling the weapon a lot harder. Naturally, a player will want to keep their distance while using Peggy, which may make the gun see fewer fights; when it is used, players are sure to remember it.

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Auto Carbine

Those searching for a pistol that operates best at medium to close range need look no farther than the standard Auto Carbine. Like any assault rifle, the Auto Carbine is brilliant at eating through ammo, but aiming for the weakest parts of the undead means players a likely to use a lot less.

The Auto Carbine, like the Machine Pistol, is essential for dealing with a swarm of zombies. The ranged weapon is certain to cause significant damage to the whole horde, leaving them with 0 health or with so little health that a kick would kill them.

Big Shot

The Big Shot heavy pistol, a legendary weapon in Dead Island 2, is the best weapon in the game. This firearm may be obtained by completing the side mission “It’s Not Our Fault,” which can be found while exploring Bel-Air around the game’s conclusion.

Big Shot shoots shots that explode upon impact, unlike any other heavy gun. Boomstick is a perk that causes an explosion as soon as the gun is discharged. These explosions have the potential to traumatize zombies, making them more susceptible to further shots or even physical attacks.

Dead Island 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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