8 Best Farming Games Of All Time

It may come as a surprise that many gamers choose to spend their leisure time playing a video game simulation of the actual world, given the many historical adventures, sci-fi excursions, and fantasy trips that the gaming industry provides. It’s difficult to dispute that the life simulation genre has drawn in a large number of gamers, despite what may first appear bizarre. Some of the most well-known video game franchises include life simulation games, like The Sims, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and many more.

Farming games are one of the most adored kind of life simulations. Without having to work out, farming video games let players feel the satisfaction of converting a piece of uncultivated land into a flourishing, prosperous farm. Here are some of the top agricultural video games for individuals seeking to start playing this genre.

April 21, 2023 update by Evangeline Bryce Many individuals nowadays find it challenging to find a method to go away to the countryside due to modern living. However, gamers won’t even have to leave the comfort of their homes to do so owing to these farming simulator games. Games that faithfully recreate a long day of laboring in a field, like Stardew Valley, are huge successes. The pillars of what makes farming games so gratifying are seeing a piece of land flourish, reviving a community, and fulfilling significant tasks.

Despite what some people may think, agricultural sim games are still a common form of escape for gamers. There are always going to be new releases. Some more recent games have been included to this list in order to provide gamers the most up-to-date perspective on some of the finest farming games.

Coral Island

Coral Island is available for early access on PC and was developed by Indonesian gaming company Stairway Games. Set in an idyllic island environment, the game encourages players to transform and protect the natural wonders around them.

In Coral Island, players can fill their days by tending to their crops, exploring caves, restoring coral reefs, and even romancing the local townsfolk. The game is inspired by South East Asian environments and cultures and allows players to experience life on a lush tropical island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Released for the Nintendo Switch in 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was the go-to form of life sim escapism for many during the pandemic. But after its expansive 2.0 update at the end of 2021, the game officially dips its toe into the waters of farming simulator games too.

Players can grow a variety of crops in the game including pumpkins, wheat, potatoes, and carrots. To ensure maximum output, these crops must be carefully tended during their growth cycles. Players can also cook sweet and savory dishes with their produce, which they can then eat or gift to their villagers.


Self-published by one-man developer James Bendon, Dinkum is available in early access for PC. The game itself is an interesting mix of Animal Crossing and old farming game classics like Harvest Moon – except, Dinkum drops its players on an island inspired by outback Australia.

In addition to classic farming sim features such as tending crops, caring for animals, and attracting new townsfolk to their village, players will need to defend themselves from deadly predators and hunt animals to survive. Dinkum promises a bonza farming experience as well as the chance to befriend giant wombats.

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Seeing its full release at the end of 2022, Kynseed is a sandbox-style game available for PC. Inspired by games such as Fable and Stardew Valley, the game combines the farming genre with more magical elements from fantasy RPGs.

Kynseed doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, offering many quintessential features from the life simulator side of the farming genre, such as letting players run their own business, building rapport and relationships with locals, and, of course, having the freedom to farm on a blank canvas of land.


Littlewood was released in 2019 on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. The game stands out with its fantastic art design, which has a burst of colors that make the game look delightfully welcoming.

Unlike most games that see the player embarking on an adventure, Littlewood is set after the protagonist has already defeated the villain. However, the protagonist has no recollection of what happened, and their local town is in dire need of rebuilding. Littlewood lets players learn new hobbies, harvest materials, and complete tasks for the townsfolk in the hope of learning about their past.

13Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is part of the wider rebranding of the original Harvest Moon franchise and is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Like 90% of farming simulators, the game kicks off with the player inheriting a farm from their grandfather.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town hones in on the core features of the farming genre, with rebuilding a farm from scratch being at the heart of the story. The game still offers plenty of life simulation, however, and even boasts an impressive range of over 200 unique events centered around interacting with the townsfolk.

Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is an open-world life simulator from Monomi Park that is available on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The game puts players in the shoes of Beatrix LeBeau, who has left Earth for a place known as the Far Far Range to pursue a life of, as the title suggests, slime ranching.

Slime ranching consists of searching the land for alien creatures known as Slimes and then breeding and feeding them so that they’ll produce “plorts” which can be sold for currency used to buy new buildings for the ranch. The game was well-received by critics, scoring a solid 81 on Metacritic.

Farmer’s Dynasty

Farmer’s Dynasty starts with, believe it or not, the player inheriting a farm from their grandfather. Available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the game then opens up to offer players a well-designed open world where they are free to work as they wish.

As the implementation of an open world suggests, farming isn’t the only thing players will be doing in the game. Farmer’s Dynasty has an emphasis on community, as players can interact with their fellow farmers to build rapport, earn social points, and grow relationships.

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