The goal of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile), a popular multiplayer shooting game, is to be the last player or team on an island. Of course, there will be other people out there with the same objective, and you’ll have to eliminate them before they eliminate you. But since you’re defenceless at the outset, that’s easier said than done.

In PUBG Mobile, survival relies on having access to lethal guns. Even if you’ve studied the map and know the best landing spots by heart. You’ll run into other players as the game develops and the buffer zone gets smaller. Therefore, you must arm yourself for the coming conflict. We’ve compiled a list of the top weapons for each class so you can make an informed decision about what to bring into battle and what to leave behind.

The Weapon List Breakdown in PUBG

In PUBG M, you have access to a wide variety of lethal guns. The statistics, strengths, and weaknesses of each weapon class are different. Damage, range, recoil, and rate of fire are just some of the categories in which we’ve broken down the weapons’ specs. We also went through the game’s arsenal in general terms. In the unfamiliar battlefield, this will help you recall where to look for weapons.

Short-barreled machine guns are a flexible choice if you ever find yourself in possession of one. They have a good ammo clip and are useful from near to medium range. At a maximum range of 25, these firearms can consistently hit their targets. Getting an SMG is a good idea if you plan on venturing into the urban or indoor regions of the map, as their high firing rates and manageable recoil can help you hit your targets more accurately in close combat.

When employed in open locations, however, most SMGs have trouble hitting their targets properly. While ammunition clips for SMGs aren’t exactly hard to come by, you should still keep tabs on how many bullets you have left before reloading. To prevent having to reload, you’ll need to be more deliberate with your shooting.

The Lightweight Submachine Guns

The Light Machine Gun, an advanced version of the SMG, combines the best features of the SMG and the Assault Rifle in a single, devastating weapon. LMGs have a high shooting rate, a large magazine capacity, and decent damage against adversaries. Since they can fire a large number of bullets in a short amount of time, these weapons are extremely dangerous up close and at medium range. The Backrooms LMG has a high firing rate, which can be both a strength and a weakness depending on the situation. You’ll soon be on the lookout for a new weapon.

In addition, silencers cannot be attached to LMGs, thus if you use this weapon, you will be shooting loudly and proudly. The severe recoil and the need to acquire the single-tap firing method mean that these guns, like SMGs, are not ideal for usage in broad fields and places, where it is difficult to hit distant targets.

The High-Powered Light Machine Guns

One weapon to keep an eye out for if you’re choosing the sneaky way of quickly dispatching adversaries is the shotgun. The maximum damage in the game can be done with this weapon, but it comes at a high price. Shotguns, unlike most other firearms, are useless at medium to long distances. Unless they are wearing heavy armour, a shotgun blast can kill an opponent at close range. This is why shotguns are so effective in populated places and other enclosed spaces. To deal significant damage to foes, though, you must approach them. Shotguns are useless for long-range fighting since they always miss.

The High-Impact Power of Shotguns

When a game begins, your handgun is your primary weapon. Most players view pistols as secondary weapons that supplement their main arsenal. Most pistols can fire at reasonable distances, deliver sufficient damage, and have adequate ammunition capacity. These firearms can be lifesavers, especially if your rifles have run out of ammunition. Since pistols are useless in a full-on gun battle, you should always be on the lookout for larger calibre weapons.

The Concealed Handguns & Pistols

When it comes to high-powered weaponry, Assault Rifles (ARs) are the most reliable option. ARs can fire rapidly, have a large magazine, and deliver a lot of damage. If you can get your hands on an AR, you’ll have a significant advantage over your foes due to the fact that your weapon will be able to clip them from medium to long ranges.

The Ever-Reliable Assault Rifles

Speaking of high-caliber weapons, Assault Rifles or ARs are the most consistent firearms you can use in the game. ARs have high ammo capacity, deal massive damage, and have good range. When you manage to get yourself an AR, you’ll have a huge advantage over enemies since your weapon can clip enemies from medium to long distances.

Moreover, ARs can also be equipped with various attachments to make aiming more reliable and dispatch targets more stealthily. As such, it’s best to look for an AR on the battlefield as quickly as possible. Get two if you manage to find another. You can never have too many assault rifles.

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