The Top Features To Look For In A Wireless CCTV Camera For Home With Mobile Connectivity

Do you feel insecure in your home and need a better security camera than you already have? You are among millions of homeowners looking for the same. According to the U. S. News & World Report, there were about 620,000 burglaries in the United States in 2021. These cases led to significant property loss, amounting to billions, which led to more homeowners setting up CCTV cameras. 

What features do experts recommend homeowners check before buying security cameras? A wireless cctv camera for a home with mobile connectivity is among the best in the market. Mobile connectivity is one of many top features. 

Below is a deep look into the preferable features of wireless CCTV cameras for homes:-

Top 5 Features of Wireless CCTV Cameras with Mobile Connectivity 

Wireless CCTV cameras are suitable because they have a power supply. Homeowners keep tabs on their property in case of power outages, reducing the risks of break-ins and theft. 

Watch out for these features when buying wireless CCTV cameras:-

1. Power Source

Wireless CCTV cameras don’t rely on electricity to function. The best use batteries, so you must change them periodically to keep the cameras rolling. To avoid constant battery changes, check the battery life to settle on those that run for longer. Also, rechargeable batteries avoid your trip to the store every time the batteries die.

2. Video Camera Resolution 

A wireless CCTV camera that runs for hours without stopping is insufficient if you cannot tell what’s happening on the recording. That’s why higher-resolution cameras are suitable for crystal-clear pictures. The higher the resolution, the better. Look out for 1080p HD live streaming. Night vision is an added advantage since it records up to 30 feet using an invisible infrared LED. 

3. The Camera’s Field of View

CCTV cameras with a field of view ranging from 120 to 130 degrees are considered good. Those with a 360-degree panoramic view are considered even better for surveillance. You see every corner of your home on these cameras, increasing security in several homes.

4. Storage

Cloud storage is better than SD card storage for home camera systems. You record weeks and months of footage (depending on your cloud storage partner). On the other hand, SD cards vary in size, so choose one based on the footage you record daily.

5. AI Motion Detection

Wireless CCTV cameras with mobile connectivity must have advanced AI motion detection with instant alerts. This way, homeowners get enhanced surveillance if humans, animals, or objects access the activity zone set during installation. Above AI motion detention, some cameras have motion tracking. This feature allows CCTV cameras to rotate automatically, following people or objects in or outside your house.  

6. Automatic Privacy Setting 

An automatic privacy mode lets homeowners stop live streaming or recording. Since the camera has mobile connectivity, you get a live-stream recording as events happen. So, with the privacy setting, you disable the phone’s location and camera’s running time, preventing anyone else from accessing the information. 

Wireless CCTV cameras for modern homes must have excellent features to increase security while you are either at home or work. Besides, cameras with mobile connectivity are among the best in the market, and additional features make them better.

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