Best Funky Glasses for a Fashion Statement

The world of eyewear is inundated with a lot of options. From classic pairs to fashionable fads, you can find at least one pair that suits your personal style. Among the various waves of eyewear trends, funky glasses are taking the world by storm. They are gender-neutral fashion accessories that can spruce up even the most monotonous outfit.

From parties to casual wear and festivals, funky glasses fit in every occasion. They are a versatile accessory that everyone, irrespective of their fashion preferences, can flaunt. Although funky eyewear was popular back in the day, they are back in style in 2023. 

History of Funky Glasses

To begin with, talking about funky fashion is impossible without discussing the preceding music movement. We can trace the history of ‘funk’ to the mid-19th century, when the ‘funky’ music genre was making waves.  American-American communities gathered and produced new forms of rhythmic music and dance, something that came to be known as funk –  a mixture of jazz, rhythm, and blues music. 

Caption: Funk band – Parliament-Funkadelic – donning jumpsuits, funky sunnies, and hats as a symbol of the 1960s funk fashion-music movement 

Now moving ahead to the fashion aspect, funk fashion during the 1960s was all about embracing freedom, liberty, and expression. In other words, the flag bearers of the ‘funk’ movement advised everyone to wear whatever they wanted and pleased. So, it is through such an unchained spirit that funky fashion came into being. During the initial days, musicians who represented the funky fashion donned bell-bottom pants, afro hairstyles, vibrant shirts, leather vests, boots, jumpsuits, and more. 

From the mid-1960s to the 2020s, funk fashion’s charisma and appeal have not died down. Nowadays, funky fashion has been reimagined as sunglasses, eyewear, and everything in between.

What Are Funky Glasses?

The contemporary designs of funky glasses are varied, wide, and fascinating. From cool shapes to vibrant colours and unique features, funky glasses are an all-encompassing phenomenon. However, their crux includes freedom of expression and being true to one’s personal style.

Types of Funky Eyewear

  • Funky Prescription Glasses

Who said that prescription glasses have to be plain and boring? Nowadays, you can find a plethora of funky specs with soft and comfy frames and fascinating designs and shapes. For instance, oversized square glasses and unique butterfly designs are taking the world by storm. 

These funky frames from Specscart with a butterfly design and vibrant yellow-blue hues are surely going to make heads turn. If you want to express your personal style by wearing something out of the box, then these are worth giving a shot!

  • Funky Sunglasses Sunglasses are a style statement and a utility item. During summers, they become a necessity. You can opt for funky shapes, designs, hues, and elements in sunglasses to stand out from the crowd and make a mark as a style hero. Try being open towards no-show sporty sunglasses, bridge-less glass designs, colourful shades, such as pink, green, etc.
  • Pair funky sunnies with a simple ensemble such as blue jeans and a cool oversized T-shirt and you are good to go!
  • Funky Fashion Glasses
  • Lastly, you can opt for funky glasses that serve only one purpose – make you look stylish and uber-cool. If you want to spice up your wardrobe but do not want to pile up more clothes and shoes, then a pair of funky fashion glasses can do the trick. Fashion glasses do not have to include a prescription and can be worn just for fun. 
  • Wooden glasses  have become a funky fashion add-on in recent times. They express a wearer’s individuality and make the wearer a trendsetter. These funky fashion glasses from Specscart are made of wood and have an ombre design for oomph, sustainability, and durability. Pair them with brown trousers and a cool jacket and viola, you are good to go!
  • Final Thoughts
  • So, there we have it, a crisp summary of the best funky glasses for a style statement. Well, let us be honest, funky glasses are here to say. As today’s generation is more appreciative of individual style and personal fashion quotients, the vigour and zeal regarding funky frames is understandable. From outrageous shapes to minimal designs, funky glasses have diverse styles and everyone is sure to get a pair that tugs at their heartstrings. 

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