Best Tips to Passing the AWS Solutions Architect Exam 2023

Numerous startups in Korea are struggling, and the future remains uncertain. If you’re an entrepreneur in the technology field in Korea or an entrepreneur working in IT, you should learn the basics of the cloud. AWS Solutions Architect is the largest cloud service provider. If you’re looking to start from scratch, it’s an extremely safe option with AWS. This isn’t coding but a skill that will soon be handed into AI.

Becoming a cloud engineer/solution architect isn’t easy, but it’s highly sought-after. AWS Solutions Architect Certification is one of the most sought-after certifications for cloud professionals. In this post, I’ll give you an easy-to-follow guide to follow so that you are on your way to earning an AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification.

Why Become an AWS Cloud Engineer?

Amazon is the leading company in the market for public cloud services. Even though Google and Microsoft are on the way, Amazon reigns supreme. Amazon offers hundreds of consulting partners who are part of AWS. To become consulting firms AWS Partners, there are prerequisites for these companies to employ an amount of certified AWS solution architects. Once you have earned your AWS certification, you’ll become extremely attractive to these consultancy firms working with AWS or would like to join the partnership.

There are also excellent SaaS Startups in Korea looking for AWS Solutions architects. However, the demand for AWS Solutions Architects in South Korea could be better in the US or UK because South Korea is a few years behind concerning businesses moving to the cloud. If you plan to work within Korea as an AWS Solutions Architect, You may be waiting at least a year before reaching a similar level in the United States and UK.

Global Demand for Cloud Architects

However, there are numerous Cloud Consulting Companies in Korea, and they are always looking for certified AWS solution architects. However, they will need to be fluent in Korean. Many businesses worldwide are in search of Cloud Architects, and if you ever intend to leave Korea, finding work is fine. The pay average for Cloud Architects in America is great. The United States is great (AWS Solutions Architect’s Average Salary of $155,000/year), and what’s more is the fact that you can get other certifications in the field that you can get to increase your income shortly. Once you have earned the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification, you should be eligible to receive an AWS Solutions Architect Professional having one year of knowledge and experience, focusing on the most popular AWS services.

A brief warning before I present you with the information. It is important to note that the AWS Certified Solutions Architect test is difficult. The good thing is that you don’t need to pass the test to pass. But, you must achieve a minimum of 72% marks on the test. You’ll need to spend a minimum of 100 hours to achieve that. If you can work 3 hours daily for a month, you could be ready for the test in just a month. The test will cost you around $200; therefore, it is essential to be prepared. Additionally, if you fail, you’ll only have two chances to pass or be forced to wait a year before taking it again. If you stick to my step-by-step guide, you’ll successfully pass the test the first time you attempt it.

Why Startups in Korea Should Join the AWS Solutions Architect Partner Network

When you think about the cloud, imagine it as else’s computer. For AWS, the computer is part of Amazon. Before, startup companies were required to pay for expensive servers and computers that could be as high as $100,000. Today, they can choose to rent them out on AWS and SC-300. Many reasons exist for businesses, not just startups, to shift their infrastructure IT to AWS.

The primary reason I discussed is the expense. Companies can save cash, and that money could be better spent elsewhere. Additionally, AWS offers a lot more flexibility since Amazon offers a variety of options for every situation. For instance, if a company needs to grow quickly and quickly, they do not have to buy servers to increase their capacity. AWS has so many capabilities in AWS that it can take a lot of time to get into. But, evidence that AWS can be an option for the near future is that many businesses are moving to AWS each year and are looking to join the AWS Partner Network (APN).

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