Tips How Pass Tableau Certification Exam and Program In 2023

This credential demonstrates the core Tableau Certification expertise of partners, employees, freelancers, and customers who use Tableau Desktop.

There are no prerequisites to pass the test. After passing the exam, candidates will be given an official title Tableau Certification Specialist. The title is not rescinded.

Tableau Desktop Specialist

Candidates for this test are familiar with the fundamentals of and abilities using Tableau Desktop. They usually have at least three months of experience implementing this knowledge in the application.

This exam guide was created to help you determine whether you’re prepared to pass this Tableau Desktop Specialist exam. We strongly recommend combining practical experience, classroom attendance, and self-study to improve your chances of passing the test.

Technical Issues

You should inform the proctor if you experience technical difficulties during the exam. In many instances, the only that the proctor could suggest or decide to take is to retake the test. Several restarts may be necessary. If you do not see a resolution quickly and are concerned that your performance is negatively affected, or you may not be able to pass the test, request the exam’s proctor to halt the test and file an incident to Pearson VUE. If the test is over, contact Tableau’s Certification Team by submitting an inquiry through Trailhead Help.

Results and Scoring

  • Candidates will be notified via email once their score report is made available within 48 hours of passing the test. To access that score report:
  • Sign into your account to access your certification.
  • After registering, click Schedule My Exam/Schedule, or Manage my Exam using Pearson and GO TO Pearson.
  • On the Pearson VUE account dashboard, click on My Exam History and Check Exam Reports to get your exam score report.

Scaled Scoring

Scaled scores are a mathematical and ITIL 4 Foundation transformation to the number of subjects a candidate can answer correctly, ensuring a uniform scale across all tests. One example could be changing the kilograms of pounds into pounds. Weight of an object hasn’t changed, just the units used to report it.

Exam results for Tableau are reported as a number between 100 and 1000. The score reflects the performance of the candidate in the exam as a whole and the passing or failing designation. Scaled scoring models are utilized to determine the scores of multiple exam types that could be slightly different in difficulty.

Score reports are provided in the event that a candidate fails a test. The report includes an outline of types of performance for each level of the section. The information provided is intended for general evaluation of the performance of the exam. The examination is based on a compensatory scoring system, meaning applicants do not have to “pass” the individual sections to pass the whole exam.

Each exam section is assigned a specific weighting. Certain sections are more difficult than others sections. The scoring table provides general information that highlights the strengths and weaknesses. Section-level feedback must be considered with care by the candidate and should be paired with other ways of remediation prior to taking the test.

Scoring Insight

Remember that the final score you receive is determined by the number of questions you answered or tasks you have completed properly. You will only receive credit if you answer a question. Additionally, you cannot receive credit in part. For example, if the question asks you to choose three correct answers, You do not get credit for picking one or two of the three right choices. Your grade is based on whether or not each condition is fulfilled in your final answer.

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