Installing dash cam is a great idea of vehicle and insurance protection

Dash cam is a valuable addition to your car because it is capable of giving you 360-degree view and protection. A state-of-the-art dash camera on your dash board will give you vivid details of what is unfolding in front of you as well as the back. Some of the dash cams come attached with an additional camera that is installed inside the car and it records everything in great detail and is able to give a 360-degree account of what is happening in the interior of a car. Some of the benefits of داش كام (dash cam) are:

  • Can provide you with valuable evidence in case of accidents
  • It enables law enforcement agencies or you to find who is at fault
  •  It will save thousands of dollars as insurance costs
  • Law enforcers can use the dash camera to investigate and prosecute wild  and irresponsible drivers

Commercial buildings need to install cameras to record events unfolding in a day. Strategically positioned cameras can record events and store them for post viewing in case of recalling past events. The security tools provider will provide Commercial building solutions that are comprehensive coverage. It is possible for burglars to attempt robbery during nights and the cameras will capture them in their lens and store them in their hard disk. If it is a building of multi-storey it will need more than just one or two cameras. You will have to opt for a network of cameras and controlling system that security guards posted at the building will monitor.  Security for commercial buildings and apartment complexes can be a big expense but it will save lot of bother because such complexes are difficult to keep an eye on things happening at various points of the building architecture. 

With the induction of كاميرات المراقبة(surveillance cameras) it will become rather easy to keep an eye on events that are taking place in all corners of the building. A security room with a security guard or two can manage to protect the entire complex. If you need such security systems you will find Alma Security, SA most suitable and you can contact them on phone numbers 966554777628, 966556700732 or send mail to and get a free quote. 

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