NLP Training in Dubai With NlpTech Experts

The only curriculum in Asia and the Middle East that is approved for NLP + Coaching + Hypnosis + Meta-NLP is this “Certified NLP Practitioner & Coach” program, which is approved by ABNLP, ABH, ICF, ISNS & IAPCCT.

Entrepreneurs, managers, salespeople, employees, parents, students, stay-at-home moms, and anybody else who wants to learn and practice NLP Training in Dubai for their professional development and personal achievement should attend this program.

This is a thorough program that allows participants to both undergo personal development in their own lives and begin working as coaches (including executive coaches, life coaches, leadership coaches, and others). By using NLP, we enable NLP learning.

NLP Presuppositions (Beliefs in Excellence) TM LEARNING OUTCOMES

The deletion, distortion, and generalization (DDG) communication model

Calibration and Sensitivity

Relationship building

Using persuasion to influence people to give you what you want

Parts Integration (conflict resolution)

System Representations

Toward-Away, Big-Small Chunk, Match-Mismatch, and Associated-Dissociated Meta-Programs

Simple Time Lines

Timing-based coaching

Keeping with your goal

How to perceive others more accurately and prevent conflicts

How to erase unpleasant memories

Excellence Circle

Applications and Sub modalities

Generator for New Behavior

Anchoring (At any time, access useful states)

Anchors that collapse

Limiting Beliefs Must Be Replaced

Developing New, Strong Beliefs

Swish Design

Rapid Phobic Method

Logical Levels Reframed

Walt Disney’s Plan

Reframing in Six Steps

Overview of coaching paradigms

Meta Model (How difficulties affect the limitations people impose on themselves)

Using values as a core coaching tool

Models for Wellness Coaching

Setup of a hypnosis session

The Setting Up for Trance

Hypnotic Induction Techniques

Milton Model of Ericksonian Hypnosis

Developing Methods

hypnotic afterthoughts

Advantages Of Nlp

This program benefits YOU, no matter who you are or what you do! transforming business professionals’ lifestyles into those of homemakers.

Entrepreneurs and managers receive training in the methods needed to boost company sales and employee morale.

Salespeople acquire the skills necessary to persuade customers in an effective manner.

Employees gain skills for communicating effectively with coworkers and managers

Parents gain knowledge on how to direct their kids toward a brighter future.

Students gain self-assurance and perspective

Coaches are given the opportunity to understand the models, procedures, and approaches that can be used to effect change, assist individuals in achieving their goals, and promote excellence.

Your ability to influence others and communicate more effectively can be greatly enhanced with NLP. Additionally, using NLP techniques can improve your adaptability and resilience, much as working out in a gym would improve your physical stamina, flexibility, and strength.

By assisting you in developing your relationship-building, management, sales, and leadership abilities, NLP can help you achieve better success in business. It can support you in finding your personal hero’s or heroine’s journey, overcoming obstacles, and connecting to your purpose.

Setting You Up For Success

By enhancing your current communication abilities, NLP can help you make a bigger impression, bring about easy change, and improve your capacity for human connection. NLP can help you become more persuasive in your speaking and listen to others so they feel heard.

By utilizing NLP techniques, you may discover behaviors that might be impeding your ability to achieve your goals and effortlessly modify them. You can also speak the language of your audience to increase the impact of your words. NLP enables you to program yourself for success, to put it briefly.

All NLP credentials are recognized by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP, USA), and they all follow the ABNLP-established Code of Ethics.

The NLP Coaching Academy is officially accredited by the ICF, and the course is taught by Mr. Vikram Dhar, an ICF Mentor Coach and qualified NLP Trainer as well as a licensed Meta-NLP Trainer.

ICF has given our program the following approvals:

ICF-CCE hours: 21 hours (Core Competency).

The ICF ACC or PCC credential under the ACSTH or Level 2/ACTP path can also be obtained with the use of this program, subject to certain circumstances. Participants who want to obtain an ICF Credential should attend this.

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