What are the benefits of Canadian Wood

Demand for wood has been increasing over the years in India. According to research, India imports more than 7 million pieces of wood to fulfill the increasing demand. In India, a Canadian wood company has proven to be the most sustainable substitute for importing wood. Canadian lumber is globally supplied. 

Their demand keeps on rising owing to their quality and environment-friendly woods. If you are looking forward to buying furniture or undertaking construction work, Canadian woods are the best choice as they offer the best quality and durability. 

Different types of Canadian woods

Decorating your home or office is such an exciting thing. You might want to make it beautiful, creative, durable, and affordable. With so many demands on the line, selecting the right furniture for yourself becomes challenging. Affordability and beauty are easily fulfilled but what about durability? 

Choosing the most popular Canadian wood would be the right decision. Still, you should know that different types of Canadian lumber have unique features and limitations. We are here to tell you all about them: 

1. Douglas Fir Wood

This type of wood is globally recognized for its unbreakable strength and is used in areas where heavy structural formations are required, like beam construction. This wood is also famous for its brilliant painting and staining properties.

2. Western Hemlock Wood

Western Hemlock has a uniform, linear, and excellent structure. These wood species are seasoned uniformly to maintain their stiffness and strength. It is widely used for various activities, from molding, interior designing, roof construction, and plywood work.

3. Western Red Cedar Wood

This type of wood is used for making outside furniture. Any furniture made of this wood is cool to sit on, even on summer days, owing to its high thermal coefficient. The fibers of western Red cedar contain oil that prevents decay and rot. A significant benefit of this wood is that it helps to prevent bacteria and fungi. 

4. Yellow cedar wood

It is a famous decay-resistant wood and possesses great carving and gluing properties. This wood is widely used for moldings, marine, decoration, and cabinet construction.

5. Spruce Pine Fir Wood 

It is used in North American housing for framing purposes and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. This wood also has high resistance against splitting. The shaping and dimensional property of this wood is also very significant.

Benefits of Canadian Wood 

In India, DS Global Trade is the best Canadian wood company, founded by two friends, a civil engineer, and a mechanical engineer. They started their business in Pune and imported goods from Bali in 2010.  In 2016, they were also awarded stockists for the Canadian Woods title. 

Their company’s vision is to set a benchmark of excellence for India’s redecorating and home designing sector. They believe in using the best quality products and always focus on finding the best artists, architects, designers, and craftsmen. With an extraordinary presence in the wooden products industries, Canadian products offer various benefits:

1. Durability

The durability of wood is visible from the fact that years-old structures stand firm to this date. Especially, Canadian woods are highly durable, have extended longevity, and resist decay or rot.

2. Strength

Canadian woods are highly beneficial for daily use because they are solid and can be used where a heavy load is to be lifted.

3. Ecologically sound

Manufacturing products from wood requires less energy than any other product manufacturing. The energy needed for wood manufacturing comes from converting sawdust or residual bark into electrical energy. When trees grow in the forest, they purify the air and eliminate carbon dioxide from the air by absorbing it into their parts, i.e., leaves, roots, or soil. Trees absorb the most carbon dioxide at the beginning of their life cycle and release pure oxygen into the atmosphere.

3. Versatile and creative structure 

These woods are highly creative and versatile in nature. They can be used for various purposes like building furniture, interior and exterior decorations, and wooden tools and products. The Canadian woods can be styled in modern, traditional, vintage, or even aesthetic manner. They can make any space look good and fulfilled. Owing to its versatile nature, designers and architects love to use Canadian wood for construction or designing purposes.

4. Easy to use and work

These woods are lightweight. Thus, they can be easily shaped into various designs, forms, and structures.

5. Its aesthetic value

Canadian woods bring warmth, calmness, and beauty to any place they are kept. Their color, design, and texture complement any space they enter. These woods come in shades such as natural earth tones or darker tones. They can create traditional as well as vintage looks. It can also be easily molded to any structure as required.


Thus, these benefits make Canadian wood the best material for construction and design. The diversity found in the Canadian forest cannot be found anywhere easily. These forest areas in Canada represent eco-friendliness, durability, versatility, and a wide range of variegation.

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