Internet Marketing Training in Dubai With NlpTech

Dubai & Online Live Digital Marketing Certification Course

Learn how to create a comprehensive marketing plan and launch campaigns across the most significant digital platforms to become a certified digital marketer.

Obtain certification as a digital marketer

Learn how to build campaigns on Google, social media, and other platforms from the best digital marketing professionals.

course results

in having the ability to create a digital marketing funnel for any brand

Recognize your audience and know how to speak to them.

Use paid social media or paid search campaigns to generate leads and sales.

With a testing budget of up to $50,000 (for In-Person), gain practical experience with all major platforms through interactive seminars and the Ad Simulation tool.

Create an Internet Marketing Training in Dubai playbook that you can use across all industries.

Up to 4 certifications from NlpTech, KHDA, and Google can be earned.

possess the ability to oversee your digital workforce or agency.

Regarding the course

Best Practices & Complete Strategy for the Region

Receive practical instruction from our educators with case studies and tips that are appropriate for the MENA region and beyond. Learn how to create B2C and B2B marketing plans, set goals, monitor Return on Investment (ROI), and create a growth strategy.

Discover how to create a strategy and increase sales for every sort of business.

Learn how to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes SEO, social media, email marketing, drip campaigns, retargeting, analytics, reporting, and website optimization!

Become certified in digital marketing

You are able to obtain up to 4 certificates during this course. Along with KHDA and Google certificates, all significant tech and digital companies in the UAE and KSA recognize NlpTech certification.

Opportunities for work and assistance

You will have the opportunity to sign up for the NlpTech Talent database after completing the course in order to be informed about the top local digital marketing job openings. Recent hires include marketers for Noon, TikTok, Alshaya, Swvl, and Sarwa. On your career journey, our staff will be there to support you.

What you’ll discover

Learn how to create comprehensive B2C and B2B marketing business strategies, set goals, monitor Return on Investment (ROI), and design a growth strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Discover how to put an effective online marketing plan into action. Recognize the benefits of every marketing channel and how to leverage them to accomplish your marketing and business objectives.

Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy

You will learn in this course how to create a strong social media and content marketing strategy to help you stand out from the sea of businesses vying for consumers’ attention.

Paid Social Advertising

We’ll go through the fundamentals of paid social advertising in this module. You’ll discover and put into practice the best ways to target users on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms.

Google Ads Paid Search

This lesson teaches you how to make the most of Google Ads to expand your company, help the people you serve, and progress your career.

In this subject, SEO, you will learn more about how search engines operate and how to make the most of them. You can boost sales for your company and learn a highly sought-after talent that will help you develop in your profession.

Become an expert in Google Analytics

Track the crucial KPIs your company needs, use your data to construct stories, and import sophisticated metrics & dimensions. Automate critical operations, add the precise data you require to your reports and dashboards, and earn Google certification.

email marketing and customer retention

In order to have a rock-solid digital customer retention strategy in place, this workshop will cover the fundamentals of how to set up email campaigns, how to code in basic HTML, how to design responsive templates with a professional appearance, and how to track and set up automated campaigns (using drip campaigns and workflows).


In addition to producing more conversions, improving your website’s conversion rate also lowers your cost per acquisition across all marketing channels, increasing the efficiency of your advertising. To increase the number of visitors who become customers and to understand your customers better, learn how to master CRO.

The Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing

Learn how to create and carry out an effective influencer marketing strategy. It’s for any business owner or marketer who is eager to discover the proper strategy for dealing with influencers! Bonus (self-paced) module

Manage Digital Marketing Agencies

Learn how to locate, recruit, and manage digital marketing companies from industry leaders in this extra self-paced module. To maximize your ROI, you’ll know how to brief them, set up KPIs, and report.

What is protected?

covered platforms

What is comprised?

34 hours of in-person or online Zoom live sessions with our knowledgeable professors

Access to course materials and recordings for life with the NlpTech video collection

Five plus templates to help you organize your campaigns, spending, and content

After taking the course, you can use these 10+ free digital marketing tools.

The largest community of digital experts in the area is the NlpTech Community Membership.

access to our online community where you may discuss issues, work together, connect with other students, and find out about new employment or business prospects

It is for whom?

freelancers, business owners, and startup founders

Do you want to know how to increase the number of clients coming to your company? During the course, you will learn useful advice that you can immediately put to use in your business, whether it be B2C or B2B. Every course includes a number of soon-to-be entrepreneurs who are considering how to launch their own company and are interested in learning how digital marketing may support that.

Job searchers and those changing careers

Do you want to learn how to break into this booming business but lack any prior knowledge in digital marketing? You will gain a fundamental knowledge of all major channels as well as your first practical experience in this course, preparing you to apply for your first jobs or internships. Take a look at one of the students’ course journals.

marketing specialists

Are you an experienced marketer who hasn’t done much digital marketing? You are aware of the changes in society and desire to be relevant. You desire to be able to lead your group or business efficiently. Learn how to use all of your marketing expertise in the Internet environment by enrolling in this course. Learn how Ibrahim’s profession transitioned to the digital space thanks to this training.

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