Tips To Maintain Exterior Paint

While House Painters Near Me can help you paint your home exteriors meticulously, it is important to maintain it to last for long and to retain its great looks. It is natural for every homeowner to want their investment work well for a considerable period of time. Without a proper maintenance, this objective is hard to achieve and if not maintained well, the exterior paint might start deteriorating. Therefore, the topic of exterior paint maintenance becomes very important. Here are a few easy and regular maintenance tips to protect your home’s exterior painting.

Wash your house

Washing your car for instance not only helps it look clean, it also helps in extending the life of the vehicle. Similarly, washing your home exteriors can have the same kind of benefit. Washing your home helps get rid of all types of surface contaminants like dirt, pollen, different air pollutants, mild spores, mildew, bird droppings and much more. This can help your home look fresher and will also help protect the paint from deteriorating.

You can make use of scrub brush with soft bristles, mild soapy water, and a sponge to wash your home exteriors. Gently scrubbing the exteriors and then rinsing with a garden hose can help achieve great looks. Adding two teaspoons of bleach to the mix will help get rid of issues due to mildew. One another method to clean home exteriors is pressure washing. However, while using this option, I is good to go for professional help as there are risks of damaging the surface, and posing hazards to people and property unless handled properly. 

Touch up painting

The paint in some parts of your home might be more exposed to wind, sunlight and other weather elements. Some parts might have different substrates. Therefore, the paint in some parts might deteriorate quicker than in others. This will mean some parts of your home might need repainting before others. Therefore, the right approach to maintaining exterior painting is to do touch-up painting once in every two years only to the areas that need this. In this way, you may cover all the areas one by one in a cyclic manner not having to invest in one stretch.

Other important maintenance tips you must not neglect

Keeping the walls dry and maintaining the landscape in a way not affecting the exterior painting is an important tip to maintain exterior painting. Wet surfaces can encourage the growth of fungus, mold and mildew. It may also lead to rotting of wood and material deterioration. Therefore, trimming bushes and shrubs near the home can help in maintaining the exterior paint to a great extent.

Caulking and wood sealing wherever necessary must not be neglected.

Prevent sprinklers from wetting the side walls.

Remove any vines from climbing on your siding.

Never allow dead leaves piling up against the sides of your house. Ensure that the gutters and downspouts work properly by channeling the moisture away from home.

Inspect these items regularly and make sure you remove the conditions that will impact the life and health of the exterior painting to see it lasts for long years.  

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