The Role of Tents in Providing Effective Shelter

Tents in NZ are one of the most essential hiking, backpacking, or camping equipment that should be the first and foremost thing that a camper invests in while building their camping kit. Can you imagine a bed without any bedding, pillows, and bed sheets? We are quite sure that the answer will definitely be a big no. A tent does the same job as bedding, it is absolutely essential for all campers if they want to spend their camping days right under the morning sun and the evening moon in comfort and security.

Just like gazebos in NZ, tenets are also extremely comfortable, waterproof, and can be easily packed in the backpacks of campers. The best thing is these tents come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and materials which means whether you are camping alone, with a partner, or with a whole group of people, there is always a tent that will be a perfect match to your camping needs.        

What are the key indicators of a good tent?

Picking the right tent can be tough especially when there are so many different companies that make tents for campers, hikers, and backpackers. So, here are some of the key factors that you look into while investing in tents that will last you for at least a decade. 

  • Ease of setting up and taking down – If you’re a seasoned camper then we are quite sure that you are well aware of the struggle that comes with setting up and taking down a tent. Moreover, there can be situations in your camping trip when you will suddenly have to set your tent, for instance, if you get caught up in the rain or reach your camping spot when it’s dark. In these types of situations having a tent that has an easy setting up and taking down mechanism can be of great help. Research thoroughly about the setting up time of each tent before choosing one, you will easily find this information in its product description.
  • Ventilation – Be that a summer camping trip or winter, using a tent with proper ventilation is a must. You can still let it go in case of a winter camping trip but when it comes to a summer trip then this thing becomes extremely important. Try to use those tents in NZ which will have zip windows that can easily open when there is a breeze and can shut in case of rain.
  • Durable zippers – A zip mechanism is great when it comes to windows and doors but they are also prone to break or malfunction after a certain point of time. This is a big reason why all campers should pay extra attention and caution when they are choosing to buy a tent with a zipper. Always remember that in the long run, it is way better to invest more money into buying a good tent with durable zippers than replacing the whole tent after experiencing the zipper malfunctioning of a cheap tent.
  • Weight and portability – Be that camping or backpacking, it always involves carrying heavy camping backpacks and walking for miles in search of a good place to set the tent. So, packing lightly becomes an absolute must for all campers or hikers and the weight of the tent plays a huge role in deciding the overall weight of the camping kit. This might not be that big of a problem if you are traveling by car or van but if you are depending on your feet and occasional hitchhiking then keep this factor in mind. Consider the weight of all the tents that are your top picks and pick the one which is light yet durable.
  • Capacity – The capacity of the tent is directly linked to the number of campers who will be staying in that tent. But even if the tent is occupied by just one person even then it is extremely important for campers to choose those tents in NZ that have plenty of space to sit around and sleep comfortably without feeling cramped.
  • Materials – There is a huge range of variety when it comes to the materials used in making the tent. Some materials are better than others and but most importantly they all have their distinct characteristics and area of use. Pick one material that fits well with your camping area preferences.

Key takeaway

Camping or hiking is an extremely therapeutic experience and tents and gazebos in NZ play a huge role in providing sufficient comfort to the campers so that they can have a fulfilling and peaceful experience. This blog has listed all the key factors that you should consider when buying a tent. Do give it a read for getting some assistance in the process of choosing a good tent.   

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